Big List of Stuff

This is a list of everything and nothing. None of it supposed to be related, its just a random list of things. Its also known as, (by nobody) "Project Seinfeld's List". Its a work in progress. It's really stupid, but at least its a original idea! (With not so original jokes and comments) Before you ask, I created this list out of sheer boredom. Also, I created this list way before the quests started, but I forgot when… Now, use your eyes and read the best list ever! Not really!

List items

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Posted by triple07

Actually Left 4 Dead 2 should be called Left 5 Dead! It is the only sensible thing to name it

Posted by big_jon

Posted by Bigbombomb
@big_jon: Yep
Posted by Paulrus

You have this list.

Posted by thehideousshrew

This is certainly meets all the criteria for being a list.

Posted by DjCmeP

Thanks for the laughs.

Posted by Getz

Otherwise known as: A List to Get That One Quest on

Posted by Bigbombomb
@Getz: That's partially true. I created this list way before the quests.