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An unsettling, realistic look into an post-Apocalyptic future 0

Running off the massive critical and financial success of the Uncharted series, it seems Naughty Dog were free to do anything they wanted. Looking back on Naughty Dog's history, they always stuck with what they did best, warmhearted, fun-to-play platformers anyone could enjoy. They did that from Crash bandicoot on the PSX, all the way to Uncharted 3 on the PS3. Looking at this trend, it was maybe a little strange, if not awkward, to play something as grim as The Last of Us.This is Naughty Dog's ...

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One of the best sandbox games. 0

The GTA series has comeback again and better than ever.GTA 4 is easily the best one yet.And the best game this or any generation In my opinion.By that I mean in quality.This game is just almost perfect in every aspect.At first I wasent sure,but after weeks of playing the game, you can take it all in easy.I dont think any game has been of this quality,or even addictivness.Graphics: The graphics are noticably 10,000 times better than the older GTA games.While San Andreas was preaty ugly,the graphi...

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Solid game. 0

There has been so many RainbowSix games since 1996.Iv played most of them.Starting with the n64 Rainbow Six.Its definitly not anything like doom or halo.But the franchise has changed alot since those days.Lets see if its still worth playing.Graphics-The graphics are good.Textures are fine,lighting is fine,details are fine,characters models are fine,ect.But these graphics are actually a big downgrade from Vegas 1.This game actaully looks ugly at times.Ubisoft should of stuck with the casinos inst...

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