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Print more Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, damnit.

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$150 is the price of a few portable consoles still in production/still in stock.

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@forteexe21 said:

Depends if Amazon will fix twitch lag and the archive.

Amazon will just slap a huge ad for their music download service AND mute the stream in its entirety.

I expect even slower speeds and longer lag if you don't have Amazon Prime.

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I weep for the future. There are far more important things teens could be paying attention to than any Kardashian or a brand new iPhone. It's no wonder old white men are making all the decisions and laws for women and non-white's.

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Once is out new how to's need to be made. Duck is okay but he does the same thing over and over. He's not the be all end all of fortress mode. His stairwells leave much to be desired as they are death traps for dwarfs and only confuse new players when they start losing dwarfs for no apparent reason.

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Atari doesn't need yet another reboot. It needs new IP's. But it's a hardware company, apparently, so that isn't going to happen.

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Frog Fractions 2!

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Shareholder to Nintendo: "Why aren't I getting any sweet free games?"


You're a shareholder in a very large corporation and you can't afford to buy yourself games? Really? Are you that petty to ask Ninten.... yes you are.