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Is it still Watch Dogs, but now you press somewhere on the screen to hackzor?

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The lack of other armies is disappointing. Release should have cut out the "phone home" aspect.

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Wait wait wait... that was all staged?!


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Que pedestrian fatality spike.

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Print more Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, damnit.

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$150 is the price of a few portable consoles still in production/still in stock.

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@forteexe21 said:

Depends if Amazon will fix twitch lag and the archive.

Amazon will just slap a huge ad for their music download service AND mute the stream in its entirety.

I expect even slower speeds and longer lag if you don't have Amazon Prime.

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I weep for the future. There are far more important things teens could be paying attention to than any Kardashian or a brand new iPhone. It's no wonder old white men are making all the decisions and laws for women and non-white's.

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