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What the f is soccer? "Soccer" isn't a real word. You made that up.

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If there is none then you lose at hacking, but win at driving. That's a different topic, though.

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Hold Q

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Blah dee blah graphics urgle my nurgle

How about something useful? How about the fact driving with keyboard and mouse sucks almost as bad as Saints Row 2? This isn't the worst console port but it's pretty bad.

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"Commenter: Fuck these rich devs for Kickstarting!"

Yes, fuck Shaq.

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@sargon: Worse, we are working towards putting the old cartridges in our bodies with expensive surgery and guess what happens when your cartridge is no longer supported.

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“I think it’s up to the people who are doing it to judge whether they’re doing the right thing,” said Cirulli.

What a cop out. Theft is okay because thieves say it's okay? That's not how that works.

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Between the house and the gas station I've wracked up a million in a run.

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Instagram has remained unchanged because Facebook and Instagram do much the same thing. Facebook didn't need to change them. Facebook just wanted to be a bigger Facebook. The Oculus is not Facebook, doesn't have to be Facebook, but it will now.

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This is why we can't have nice things.