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My guess is that this movie wasn't generating enough interest so they cut a trailer with a big spoiler in it to get people talking about it again. Which seems to have worked.

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I tried to get into the Star Wars and Marvel Super Hero LEGO games but they just never clicked for me. Was hoping to see another developer's take on it. Oh well.

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Does anyone know if this will be a Traveller's Tales joint?

I would really like to play a LEGO game that isn't made by that developer for once.

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It should be noted that Golden Keys and items in your Shared Stash will NOT be transferred. So be sure to remove the items from your Stash and put them in a character's inventory or bank, then spend your Golden Keys.

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I bought Borderlands 2 and a ALL of its DLC for the 360, bought the PS3 GOTY version, and also bought the Borderlands 2 Vita bundle. I will also be buying both the Xbox One and the PS4 versions of the Handsome Collection coming later this month.

I have problems.

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@bigdaddy81: You mean the one that says to stone people who work on Sundays or the one that's tells you to murder "infidels"?

To be fair, He just tells me to burn things.

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Know what else is infinite?

God's love.

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@liquidprince: Like I said, my girlfriend has only seen part of one episode of the original DBZ and still loves the hell out of the Abridged series. I think they throw enough references in there that you didn't have to have seen the original to be entertained by it.

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Perhaps @danryckert would like the DBZ Abridged series. My girlfriend HATES Dragonball Z (but otherwise loves anime) and she loves the hell out of the Abridged series.

There are a lot of in-jokes that you'll miss if you haven't seen the show, but I think it does a good job of staying true to the original characters and plot. And it's funny as hell.

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Don't forget Lethal Weapon 5 and 6! Mac in blackface doing Murtaugh is comedy gold.

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