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Of all the believable stuff I've read on the internet, this is the believablest.

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I planned a 10 day vacation around the release of this game. So yeah, I'm kinda stoked.

Insect Armageddon was such a letdown and did nothing to scratch that EDF itch. But I am glad that the new game incorporated the multiple classes from EDF: IA.

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I am indeed sick of Windjammers. I've avoided watching 2 or 3 videos on the site for that reason alone.

But then again, one does not come to Giant Bomb for variety these days.

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They better let me play as Sheik.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase let me play as Sheik!

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Such a bummer. This is my most anticipated game on the PS4 and signs were pointing towards a spring release. This is gonna be just like the long ass wait for the original Borderlands game, from its initial reveal in Game Informer to its actual release date.

Goddamn it, I need something to scratch that Borderlands itch!

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The only PS4 hardware review you need.

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@rapid: Do you know if there will be any kind of cross-platform voice chat? Most of my friends are getting the PS4 version but one of them recently downloaded the PC version. Just wanna know if we'll be able to communicate to each other during cross-platform play.

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So looking forward to this game. Replaced Assassin's Creed as my first title for the PS4.

And you can't beat that price for pre-ordering.

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I alternate between the two because each position makes different parts of my hands hurt. I have never come across a more uncomfortable first party controller than the DS3 and I am so looking forward to the redesign.

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Personally, I would offer the soul of my firstborn child for a good D&D game set in the Dark Sun universe. Seems like every D&D game is legally bound to be set in the Forgotten Realms.

I would also accept the Eberron universe as a substitute as there is a lot of potential there. (And no, D&D Online does NOT count)

There was a Dark Sun game waaaaaay back in the day, on DOS. Also, Planescape: Torment takes place in...well, Planescape.

Also those old DOS Dark Sun games seemed alright from what I played of them, something of a proto Temple of Elemental Evil.

Yeah, it seemed interesting if only for the fact that it wasn't a first-person dungeon crawler like Eye of the Beholder. Which is not a knock against EotB, but y'know, it was a nice little change-up from the trends of the time.

My point is that I think the D&D license is stagnating because they keep focusing on Forgotten Realms, which is just stock fantasy-ass fantasy. If they would mix things up a bit by dabbling in some of the other universes, it might re-energize the property.

I think Dark Sun would work especially well seeing as how you don't see a lot of post-apocalyptic fantasy stuff these days.