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What time frame do you think you'll be getting a PS4 during the next year? Because Destiny isn't launching until the middle of 2014 anyway....

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@rorie: Good to know!

I was only concerned because I am in the process of learning the Pathfinder ruleset myself and watching you guys play the Core game would have gone a long way towards my understanding of it. I cut my tabletop teeth on DnD 4E and I'm finding Pathfinder to be a bit more of a challenge to wrap my head around.

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@the_vein: Didn't realize they were gonna use the Beginner Box. I was hoping they would use the Core Rulebook at the very least. Maybe even go beyond that and bring in a Gunslinger or a Magus.

Feeling a little disappointed now, but I still look forward to seeing this thing go down.

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@the_vein said:

Here's what I see for classes:

Dave: Wizard

Vinny: Fighter

Brad: Cleric

Drew: Rogue

With Rorie as DM and Jeff glaring from across the room while playing a "real" game.

You're crazy if think Brad isn't going to choose the Monk, party balance be damned.

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@daiphyer said:

This review cracks me up:

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Sep 16, 2013 100/100: Grand Theft Auto V the best game of the year? Easily. Is it the best game of this current generation of consoles? Definitely – and it’s quite possibly the best video game yet. I say this after playing it for “only” 20 hours.

Obviously that reviewer has never played Earth Defense Force 2017.

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@mb: A little off topic here but I was wondering, what happened to your AMA thread for GTA 5? Seemed like the best thread to learn some good, non-spoilery bits of the game.

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@greggd said:

*ahem* Never. EVER. Go to a Rockstar fansite looking for intelligent discourse. I feel like I'm in the minority of intelligent fans of Rockstar's games.

A choice quote from said fansite:

"Holy sh*t, the reviewer is not only a Faggot, but he tries to stand up for women, that guy can go f*ck himself.

I'm not against women, but this Reviewer can go suck a dick for trying to say women deserve to be pleased over everything."

Abandon hope all ye who enter.

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I kinda prefer it when they don't talk about the games I'm interested in. And since I'm very interested in Deep Down, I voted "No"

But I am looking forward to coverage from actual gaming enthusiasts here in the forums and from other sites.

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It's the hair the sells it.

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Yeah, its a bit tiresome.

I can ignore random forum douches easily enough, its when the GB crew shit on a current gen console game cus its not running at 60fps 1080p...ESPECIALLY Brad.

Anytime Brads in a console quicklook just time it till he whines about the frame rate. And its always an exaggeration. (for example Far Cry 3 on 360 is perfectly playable and enjoyable, i played and beat it on my 360 TWICE.) Don't let brad near any console games anymore, he just shits on them for no reason. Kinda gross.

I am playing the "unplayable" 360 version of Saints Row 4 and somehow managing to enjoy myself.

Games is games, y'all. Let's just live and let play.