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I got so excited when I saw this thread since I thought they had finally revealed a US release date. Now I'm sad again.

And @krakn3dfx is correct. EDF 2017 is way better than the bland and soulless EDF: IA. Really looking forward to rocking a Lancer in EDF 2025.

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The Girl Next Door made me hate life. Being somewhat dubious of its "based on a true story" tagline, I looked into the events this film was based on to find that not only did the events in this movie actually happen, they were far worse in reality in comparison to what was portrayed in the movie. It's rare when a movie can affect me so profoundly, but watching this movie practically had me tears by the end. Even thinking about it depresses the hell out of me.

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When it comes to PC gaming, I think the "beta" has effectively replaced the demo. Its benefits are twofold for publishers: 1) it allows developers to tweak their games based on actual user data on a much greater scale than normal testing which results in (hopefully) higher quality games, and 2) it allows publishers to install ways to charge users before the games' actual release, like microtransactions, founders' packs, etc.

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Stand strong against the tyranny of the uterus!!!

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You might give Blistered Thumbs a try. It is by no mean a "professional" site like Giant Bomb, Gamespot, IGN, etc., but it does feature a lot of other internet personalities playing and reviewing games. I personally find that the quality of their content is pretty hit or miss, but it does deliver on several of the points listed in the OP.

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Almost completely different cast but it still managed to go strong for 11 seasons. Preferred the movie myself, but I'm just posting this as an example that all is not lost and that a Zombieland show can still have a chance at being good.

Assuming that it airs on HBO or AMC. Otherwise, you're fucked.

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People who get overly annoyed at incorrect grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling in forum posts. Especially when this site has a sizable international community that includes countries that do not have English as their native language. Not to mention the fact that many people type while on their phones or tablets which can lead to the occasional error. As long as one can discern the meaning of their post reasonably well, then it's good enough. It's a video game forum people. We're not typing out a college essay or a doctoral thesis here.

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Kind of hard to believe there is no Paladin. But I'm certain that class will be added sooner or later.

As for what would get me interested in this game, A Psion or a Mage Pyromancer would be enough to get me to download this game in an instant.

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So a 4 player co-op shooter featuring characters with unique powers that had a lot of hype going for it early on (pre-graphical change anyway) turns out to be just another mediocre shooter. Could Fuse be this generation's Brute Force?

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I think any party member from Ni No Kuni qualifies as the worst. And I'm including the main character in this because every time I released him to control someone else, he would immediately recall the familiar I summoned to protect his weak ass and then run up to the big baddie and proceed to hit them with his wand. Fucking dumbass.