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I would rather they change 2 and 3 to be more like 1. So no.

Exactly. ME1 was the superior game, easily the best of the series.


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I wrote a bunch of stuff that wound up sounding way too negative after reading it so instead I'm just gonna keep it short and simple: this situation bums me out.

Also, this means no more V-Bomb in any future Pathfinder shenanigans :(

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Man, Xbox One is on fire. The bad kind. Every single thing that distinguished it from the competition they have removed now. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but why should someone who is only going to get one system choose Xbox One over the other offers right now?

Personally I'm intrigued by that Sunset Overdrive. I wrote it off since I didn't want to buy an Xbox One. But now that they are selling it without the $100 paperweight, I'm slightly more inclined to take the plunge.

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I would be satisfied with a simple release date.

And for them to announce Captain N as a playable character.

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Of all the believable stuff I've read on the internet, this is the believablest.

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I planned a 10 day vacation around the release of this game. So yeah, I'm kinda stoked.

Insect Armageddon was such a letdown and did nothing to scratch that EDF itch. But I am glad that the new game incorporated the multiple classes from EDF: IA.

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I am indeed sick of Windjammers. I've avoided watching 2 or 3 videos on the site for that reason alone.

But then again, one does not come to Giant Bomb for variety these days.

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They better let me play as Sheik.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase let me play as Sheik!

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Such a bummer. This is my most anticipated game on the PS4 and signs were pointing towards a spring release. This is gonna be just like the long ass wait for the original Borderlands game, from its initial reveal in Game Informer to its actual release date.

Goddamn it, I need something to scratch that Borderlands itch!