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Please excuse the necro :) but the first Turok was one awesome FPS. It was among my favorite games on the N64 up there with Goldeneye and Zelda OOT.

What made Turok Dinosaur Hunter unique among the then current crop of FPS games was the primitive theme and jungle environment. You played as this bad ass Native American, a down and earthy warrior who finds himself in this twisted world of ancient ruins and teleporting enemies. You start out with a hunting knife and find progressively more damaging weaponry as you advance through the world. The whole place was full of mystery, exploration, and danger. You could swim and dive deep under water in the lakes and ponds, climb the vine covered cliffs, enter subterranean caves, search out the old ruins in the vein of a tomb raider. You could hunt wildlife for health. The game was like no other FPS at the time, a big step in another direction from the standard Quake and Doom.

Goddammit, now you got me all nostalgic for Turok!

What I wouldn't give for an updated HD remake of the first two Turok games. That series has the distinction of getting me into FPS games in the first place, a feat that both Doom and Wolfenstein 3D failed to accomplish.

For fuck sake, you fought a cyborg T-Rex that shot lasers out of its eye! Why has this series been buried in the mists of time?!!!! Someone start a Kickstarter to fund the re-release of these games for the poor, deprived gamers of today!

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Almost tempted to get a Vita for this even though I already have the game for my 360. Definitely one of the most underrated gems of this generation.

Hopefully I can hold out until the (true) sequel gets released later this year.

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@BaneFireLord said:

What you're not hearing right now is the extremely high-pitched, girlish screaming I do every time this happens to me in the game.

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North. I think it's closer to what you're looking for than Sacred 2, which is more like Diablo than Dark Alliance.

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Earth Defense Force 2025!!!

The true sequel to EDF 2017 that Insect Armageddon wasn't.

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Dragon's Dogma. Sure it was far from perfect, but it was one of the most enjoyable games I played all year. I was glad to hear that Capcom is planning on making a sequel to this highly underrated game.

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Dafuq did I just read?!

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@FreakGirl: You could try the monthly subscription to sample the premium content to see if it's worth your while. But even if you don't subscribe, there's still a ton of content that is more than enough to keep you busy for quite some time if you are indeed new to the site. Over a thousand Quick Looks, the legendary Endurance Runs, the Bombcasts, and the occasional (and now extinct) video review. Not to mention a few miscellaneous bits tucked in here and there.