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So a 4 player co-op shooter featuring characters with unique powers that had a lot of hype going for it early on (pre-graphical change anyway) turns out to be just another mediocre shooter. Could Fuse be this generation's Brute Force?

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I think any party member from Ni No Kuni qualifies as the worst. And I'm including the main character in this because every time I released him to control someone else, he would immediately recall the familiar I summoned to protect his weak ass and then run up to the big baddie and proceed to hit them with his wand. Fucking dumbass.

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Just imagine how crazy the internet's gonna be next year when it's finally old enough to drink.

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@jz said:

There is a whole 20 hour single player story.

As a follow up question, do you think this game is worth getting if one never plans on playing the multiplayer?

I don't own a Vita but this game and Ragnarok Odyssey have me on the fence to get one, though both games seem to have a strong multiplayer focus from the information I've gathered so far.

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Get 2 computers.

Sofa for controller games (FPS, Action, Platform, etc).

Desk for mouse/keyboard games (RTS, Multiplayer FPS, MMO, etc)

Or get a rolling laptop cart and put a wireless keyboard and mouse on it. Working great for me as I type this while lying down on my comfy, comfy couch.

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Beautiful! Using it right now.

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You fucking nerds and your love of Donatello. Raphael is the only real choice.

And who the fuck is Venus?! Take her or it off the poll.

Sheesh, you kids today with your female turtles and your Bakugans.

(You can't see it, but I'm angrily shaking my cane as I write this)

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Nice job.

Now all we need is a supercut of Vinny hitting people with his car door while driving. That shit never gets old.

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@PokeIkzai said:

I've been waiting for a topic about this guy. I absolutely love CGR videos. He's almost always so positive about things and unless the game is beyond a pile of trash he'll find something good to say about the product.

And he plays and reviews games sent to him by his viewers. What a crazy idea!

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Don't forget that the game is also available for download on the Playstation Store. A nice little trend for limited release games such as this.

I just wish I had sprung for the Wizard's Edition, but other recent games' collector's editions had left a bad taste in my mouth and so I avoided this one as well. Such is life.