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I can't think of any other amazing performances this year.


Have you forgotten Big Bo already?! That is not aight.

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I agree though the "antagonize" part goes a bit far. Like you said it's a bit of snobbery over that, and who cares that much? Really it's just silly over anything else. We all know we can play the game. It's just a very silly thing for someone to say.

It may not be intentional, but I feel it does greatly contribute to this "us versus them" mentality that seems to be permeating this site more and more.

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The "barely playable" thing really is a matter of opinion. If you're used to playing on a console, where we get sub-25fps and screen tearing all the time, Far Cry 3's problems might not bother you much. Assassin's Creed 3 has all sorts of framerate issues, but it hasn't stopped me from playing. It's all what you're used to and what you're used to putting up with.

I suppose it is. I guess I didn't know what I was missing when I only had consoles...then I invested in building a PC that could handle pretty much anything I threw at it and most console games immediately became unplayable. It's too hard for me to go from constant 60FPS with every possible detail maxed out at 1920x1080 down to 720p textures (at best) at sometimes less than half the framerate.

I do still play some multiplatform games on Xbox 360 when the PC version isn't obviously superior, but I don't think it's elitism to say that Far Cry 3 on PC is light years ahead of the console versions in virtually every conceivable way. The difference is dramatic.

@Deathstriker: I have to agree with Brad when he considers the console versions of Far Cry 3 barely playable...but it's all relative. An analogy would be taking someone out of their brand new Mercedes and putting them in a 1984 Honda Civic...sure it'll get you from A to B, but I'm sure it would feel barely drivable to those used to something better.

The problem is that the guy who just bought that brand new Mercedes has become a snob now that only wants to talk about things related to his Mercedes, whereas his friends who drive Honda Civics and the like are just dudes who enjoy talking about cars in general.

There are ways to point out the obvious superiority of the PC versions of games without the someone in the crew sounding like an overbearing prick about it. I think Giant Bomb has failed to do so and it gets really irritating sometimes. All of us are here to have a good time. Why do they need to go out of their way to antagonize part of their audience?

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@pyrodactyl: Sad part is we've still got a whole year of this kind of thing to look forward to since the next gen consoles won't arrive until the end of 2013.

I think I'll just stick to PC or console exclusive QLs until then.

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Needs more anger.

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Where's the "go fuck yourself" option?

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Man.. that sucks.. maybe you should've tried for a flat-out refund. It doesn't seem like it's a worthwhile buy yet, but maybe it is for you..

That's what I did for my Wii U when it started acting twitchy. I figure I'll pick one up next year when the inevitable price drop hits.

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You just keep going on and on about Jeff and his impact on this thread.

I made one post about it and replied to the replies on that post.

That's apparently enough to make you upset. Is Jeff your role model?

Actually I tend to disagree with him on many issues. But if he makes it a habit of calling out idiots on the forums, I'm not gonna gainsay him.

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And Patrick can keep on posting editorials expressing his own opinion and addressing issues that concern the gaming industry. You know, his job?

His job is to be a journalist.

Not spout his opinion.

Definition of EDITORIAL

: a newspaper or magazine article that gives the opinions of the editors or publishers; also : an expression of opinion that resembles such an article

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@BigDaddy81 said:

Whatever your original opinion on the subject of this thread has been lost due to your fixation on Jeff's post.

No, you are fixated on my post and are now replying using mass ad hominem.

You're reposting talking points from earlier in the discussion and putting your own spin on them while pretending that these are not subjective, but objective facts about the comment section. Just stop.

I'm fixated on your posts because you keep posting the same fucking thing over and over.

Look at Brodehouse. You both share similar opinions but at least he varies his discussion and stays on topic. You just keep going on and on about Jeff and his impact on this thread. And I made the mistake of letting myself get annoyed by it.

I don't consider the GB staff infallible, but I give Jeff enough credit that he knows what the fuck he's doing. And Patrick can keep on posting editorials expressing his own opinion and addressing issues that concern the gaming industry. You know, his job? You see this line: "Some thoughts on the fiery discussion prompted at Giant Bomb and elsewhere by a Twitter hashtag meant to raise awareness of sexism in the video game industry"? That was the header for the second article Patrick wrote. What about that line indicates that this is going to be some meticulously researched, objective overview of the issue at hand? He wrote an editorial about his feelings on the matter and did in fact use evidence to back up his statements. I put more stock in his opinion than some random person in a forum whining because Jeff said some people commenting in this thread suck. He is right and Patrick's article needs no more justification. He expressed an opinion and invited discussion about it.

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@BigDaddy81 said:

it's hard to be on the side that denies the severity of sexism in the gaming industry or its relevance on Giant Bomb.

Seriously, that is not the case. Nearly everyone complaining has said that they either don't care or want better coverage, not that they 'deny the severeity of sexism in the gaming industry.' I cannot believe someone is pushing this lie after all the previous discussion.

And all I said was that Jeff's post was bad, not that I felt persecuted. You argue that Jeff knew what he was doing on the basis of his professionalism and reading the comments, two aspects I actively questioned.

You know, your post backs up exactly what I said. Jeff vaguely identifies trolls, users then interpret this as a call to attack the people having an intelligent debate, based purely on their stance against the article, which they hold for perfectly justifiable reasons.

Whatever your original opinion on the subject of this thread has been lost due to your fixation on Jeff's post. You are trying to derail the debate to call out Jeff for his attempt to shut up some of the idiots in here. If you're a teacher in a classroom and have a couple of unruly students disrupting the rest of the class, you don't solve the problem by saying "Hey everyone, I just wanna say what a good job you're doing and I really appreciate those of you are behaving. Gold stickers for everyone!". No, you tell the little unruly shits to shut the fuck up. That's how you deal with these types of people.

And I don't think some of the users' stance against the article is "perfectly justifiable". Most of their issues seems to be that Patrick expressed disgust with certain people who were dismissive of the issue entirely or didn't think it deserved to be reported on Giant Bomb. And then Patrick committed the cardinal sin of singling a person out (who posted on public fucking forum) for their bullshit. Statements have consequences and a lot of people here are beginning to learn that. This whole attitude of "you don't attack your own" is complete and utter bullshit.

There is room for intelligent discussion here, but you and others like you are contributing to the problem by just bitching about Jeff's post. And by responding to you, I am also contributing to the problem as well. So either start a new thread to detail your concerns or go back to talking about the original subject of the thread. This particular discussion has become asinine.