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It has to be in first person otherwise this game wouldnt have been made

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One game I really liked was Agressive Inline very underrated game

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If by adult contend you mean Playboy I would say no but stuff like Howard Stern on demand which has some nudity but no actual sex would be fine in my eyes. Also the parental controls are there to stop people from having there children see anything but I doubt this will ever happen

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Microsoft is no longer charging for Gold membership on the PC and with the PS3 adding trophies and a whole bunch of other features that are included in Live for free, is it just a matter of time until they stop charging for it on the 360 and if so when?

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The first one didn't sell at all and was a great game, is there really any chance of this one catching on?

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Does anyone know what the difference is betweent these two. I am going for the good ending but would like to know how much adam I would get if i harvested one of these little sisters

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Has anyone ever done this and with who and how was the experience? I see Eric Dickerson is doing one and i doubt he even knows what a 360 is

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I am not saying that they would be good but every other genre or movie franchise has been whored out except for this one which would actually seem to be the cheapest to get the rights to, compared to the James Bond and Indiana Jones of the world.

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All other movie genres are I remember there was a friday the 13th game for the NES but besides that other games escape me. I think with all of the movies coming out now why haven't they made the transition.

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I heard from a friend that they were coming but he didnt know which ones and for how much I am guessing for $30 bucks each. Does anyone know what the lineup is and when they should be coming?