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Can't help but wish that the signs were facing the other way so we could see what they say. My favorites:




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Haven't seen anyone mention Ratchet & Clank yet. A Crack In Time is the one to get, avoid All 4 One at all costs. (the HD collection isn't a bad choice either if you never played any of the PS2 games)

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That QL is so great. I love how blatant they are about the whole thing too. "Let's play a few minutes of the game for posterity and then show every cutscene in the game." I wish they had more video content like this, something where they just look at the best parts of older games.

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STAR does admit that he got a bit lucky in this run, and he does take advantage of a few boss exploits that have since been patched out, but still....DAMN.

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Saved. Amazing stuff man.

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This is great stuff. Watch all the way through for some Young Ass Vinny too.

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Right out of the gate Jeff is lightening the mood by talking about Nintendo downloads and telling everyone "none of you can stop me now."

Great stuff so far, now Jeff is talking about when he first met Ryan.

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Why must people be so shitty? Really sucks for the guys, although I imagine CBSi had everything insured. Still...

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Some of us still remember when the guys were going to make the podcast a premium feature (well, sort of). The new premium content is designed to drive people to subscriptions (honestly, I'm closer than ever to pull that trigger myself) but there's still a healthy amount of free content every week.

Also you can totally watch the archived TNTs and Daily Dota at their page.

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