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@McGhee: They're making the point that the breasts are untouched, idealised, whereas the rest of the body is horribly mutilated.

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@Nemesis2K: That's not true. Lara was brought in as an alternative to male action heroes. But what did they do? They realised she appealed to men as much, if not more than women, and kept increasing her breasts to ridiculous proportions.

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@Kosayn: This isn't a debate about removing sex from horror, which isn't a theme by the way, its a staple of the genre that is more often than not to used to, low and behold, rope in teens! Why even mention that we shouldn't shy away from acknowledging it though? No one is saying take women out of the games or something. The argument is about objectifying and fetishising a sexed up torso outside of the game as part of an ordering "bonus". The content of the game itself is irrelevant...for now.

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@valrog: Completely different. Those are private photos. She is not using them as a marketing tool to encourage people to buy something through sexual expression. Also, I think you should just watch using the word whore. Even as a male, I find that offensive when you use it like that. She's just doing some Yoga or something in the second pic and the other one she's only in a costume. Stop trying to turn it back into a personal attack.

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Great responses from some smart women. The only thing I don't agree with is Anna Kipnis saying that women in QT movies are role models (Kill Bill and Death Proof mostly). I think QT, nearly 50, is still part of this geek culture where nerdlings think: 'Wow! Women with swords! Hot! Better include that!' Its the same with the gaming industry. Some people are just never going to grow up out of that fantasy attitude and a lot companies will continue to cater to the young gamers demographic, who will always, for better or worse, be a part of the of the industry now. I don't want to turn this comments section into another art debate but all these issues come full circle. This why I think games will never reach an art status. By broadening gaming so much the industry has reached a state of inertia where games can't mature for fear of losing touch with certain demographics.

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I wasn't blown away by some of the playable footage shown. 

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Can I add him on Facebook?!  

I think there should be a video dedicated to going through Brad's profile and applications!! :D 

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Christ, half the plot is shown in the trailer. 
Where's Liam?!!

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If someone used Fear Gas on Jeff this game would be in his dreams!!

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District 9? You need to see more movies guys!! It was just an action film! 
We got Gran Torino late here in Australia so probably that or Milk.