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For me, dealing poker definitely dulled my interest in playing poker, and now almost never play it, and never for any kind of money. I guess it comes down to finding someway to see your addiction / problem in a different light, one that makes you realise that it's best to quit. Dealing poker definitely helped me, maybe serving drinks could do the same for you?

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1. I always thought that the vampire lady was trying to fit into society, and get with the dude behind the camera in a way that she thought that most people do. And when she encountered something that she didn't like, didn't understand (like the other guy trying to have sex with her, and the main guy not enjoying what she was doing to him) she reverted back to full vampire mode to get the job done.

That said, I imagine it was written in such a way where they had no idea what happened after the camera stopped rolling, mainly because it's not important to what's actually in the short.

It's probably also the best short I've ever seen, horror or otherwise, and set the bar way too high for the rest of V/H/S.

2. Ti West directed that segment, and has directed some garbage in his time. Some people like his stuff, such as House of the Devil, but I think he makes stuff that is always style over substance, sometimes that has terrible, glacial pacing and very little solid narrative work behind it. He seems to be the kind of guy who expect people to care for his work just because of who he is, rather than letting the viewer care for it through watching the damn thing. He turns up in You're Next for a cameo as a douchebag, funnily enough.

3. Horror films will always be eponymous with having female nudity, ever since the days of late night horror films being the only ways kids could see boobs pre-internet. Usually horror films have some sort of sexual imagery / sexual connotations in them as well, probably because we're most vulnerable (to monsters!) whilst having sex. There's a bit in Leslie Vernon: Behind the Mask that demonstrates it quite well.

That, and Horror films are always looking for ways to let the viewers know that the bad / douchey people are bad / douchey, and one of the easiest ways is have them be womanisers / dicks.

V/H/S 2 is definitely better, though. Everyone who's worried about The Raid 2 not being as rad as the first, need to watch the short made by the same director (Gareth Evans) in V/H/S 2. It's amazing, and it's completely insane. The guy knows how to make entertaining cinema.

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Chess 2 is really complicated! Most of the pieces move mostly the same way, with little tweaks for each individual team, but I'm really not sure about the 'Duel' system.

When someone tries to capture one of your pieces, you can 'Duel' with someone over it. Both sides have a certain about of 'Stones' and if your on the defense and and play the same amount or more stones than your opponent (either 0,1 or 2 stones) then both the captured and the aggressor gets taken off the board. I need to play with more people who aren't the computer, but I can't see it be anything that really annoying. It does bring the pawns more into the game though, as you gain a stone every time you take one.

It's interesting, but seems a bit too complicated for its own good.

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc via a pretty fantastic English translation. Game's pretty nuts though, and is sometimes way too crazy for it's own good. I think I liked it overall, but despite some of it's slightly dodgy game mechanics.

Doesn't really live up to it's lofty claims of being 999 + Phoenix Wright + a bit of Persona 4 though.

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@oldirtybearon I don't really have problem with missing the log, if anything that's what Minimalism mode is for, but just because you can burn the log instead of Clem's picture of photo doesn't really save the situation in my eyes. If anything, it makes it worse.

The only thing I can think that's worse than an needlessly cruel, arbitrary choice that doesn't go anywhere is one that the game doesn't even force you to make.

I guess you could see it as a reward, but I'm not sure why the game, or even if it should, reward someone for walking five feet as the theme for the rest of the episode at least was that bad things always happen to everyone. And even if it is a reward, why is that the one situation in the episode where you can avoid something bad happening?

I don't know. Stupid log.

@benluke The section that was the worst on Minimalist mode was trying to find where the other dead bodies were, where you have to look at a specific point on the other bank. Straight up impossible on minimalist. I never liked seeing the 'xx remembered that' thing, though! I guess the PC version has a mode to help you see stuff whilst you're on minimalist mode? So jealous.

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@biggiedubs said:

I thought this episode was wack, personally.

At no point throughout the episode did I ever feel like anything good was ever going to happen, and so when bad things did happen, it really didn't effect me at all. Just nothing. Of course the dog died. Of course Omid died. Of course we had to burn the picture or the photo.

... No you didn't? There's a log right beside the campfire.

Really? I had minimalist view on so nothing was showing up, and I thought I scoped out the area pretty thoroughly. Was it pretty prominent if you had it on standard view?

Oh well. Why would you put a log there though? Why wouldn't you throw that log on there?

I really don't like how that situation was handled. When I looked through the bag and have to look at the photo and the picture, and then the lighter it just felt like a cheap emotional punch. Which was why I said 'of course.'

Why not give her the lighter first, then have the player scope around for stuff? Maybe have her try and burn some wet leaves, or something. Then you can have some dread and feel hopeless that you have to burn your precious memories. For me it just played out like, 'here's stuff to light, here's a lighter, go do it,' instead of a 'I really wish I could burn something else,' situation.

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It reminds of this, actually...

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I thought this episode was wack, personally.

At no point throughout the episode did I ever feel like anything good was ever going to happen, and so when bad things did happen, it really didn't effect me at all. Just nothing. Of course the dog died. Of course Omid died. Of course we had to burn the picture or the photo. Sadness and happiness works a hell of a lot better when there's something to juxtapose themselves. Everything just felt really flat for me, like the gaming equivalence of being unemployed or something.

There was one really telling line when you're playing with the dog that summed it up for me, something like: 'yeah, we shouldn't have wasted the energy anyway.' Apparently we shouldn't be bothered with being happy, which whilst I understand that's essentially the theme of the game, when you want your audience to get invested in your story and the character's plight, you need to do the exact opposite.

It's the same with the voice acting, Clem just seems really bored and depressed which I know would be totally realistic but if you're main character is bored and doesn't want to be in the game, why should I want to keep playing?

It may just because I'm way more invested in the craft of a story, rather than just the story itself though.

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Final Fantasy Tactics seems way too in-depth for a beginner, in my opinion. Doubly so for Tactics Ogre. They might be the best games versions of the strategy RPG genre, but I probably wouldn't recommend anything with a Job Class system in it to a beginner. Fire Emblem Awakening is great, but sometimes even I feel like I'm fucking myself over by promoting people here, and not there, and pairing this person with this person....There's just so much stuff outside of the gameplay that can be misunderstood / completely missed. Same with XCOM to a certain point, in my opinion.

My money would be on something like Luminous Arc for the DS. Easily beatable, passable story (I guess) and nice mechanics. Not too long either. Can probably pick it up for incredibly cheap now, too.

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=@canteu said:

@biggiedubs: I chose to ignore the opening post for you. You know, for jokes. But, no, nevermind, jokes are too hard for people on these forums.

You should probably make your jokes funnier then. Can't really blame me for not getting an unfunny joke, to be honest.

I thought you were just being snarky and posting after only looking at the title.