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Lucha Underground fired Hernandez. Hahaha

And nothing of value was lost...

Come on, you can't say that the 'Dragons aren't real' promo wasn't a pretty good silly heel promo. I liked his selling in the Believers Backlash match too.

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1. That motherfucker Micheal Cole literally said "That brings a whole new meaning to the word 'heel' in the WWE!" when Summer Rae threw her shoe at Rusev. What the fuck.

2. Did people actually pop for Sheamus?

3. Did people actually pop for Kane? Oh sorry, 'The Demon Kane?' (Corporate Kane vs Demon Kane???)

4. I've always been somewhat of a Cena apologist, but tonight was just ridiculous. Kevin Owen wins the second belt, despite failing to win the third belt. Cena beats the World Champ clean to get the third belt and simultaneously makes the top AND the second belt look obsolete. And then to top it all off he heels out Rollins before his match.

5. I could have done with Xavier manically laughing at the camera saying, "we saved all the tables, The Dudley Boys, to put you through all of them!". The camera then cuts to thirty tables with a gigantic sheet over them which Big E whips off and proceeds to powerbomb the Dudley Boys through for like, twenty minutes straight. I assume we'll get this on Raw, though.

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Krazy Predictions

1. Samoa Joe is the mystery partner

2. Spike Dudley comes out to make it a 3 v 3 against The New Day

3. Sting wins thanks to a NWO run in, but then Sheamus cashes in and takes the title.

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Guys, I actually watched Smackdown. It was okay, but I imagine that this was due to having two New Day matches, plus the silly Sting segments from Raw. You know, I might actually watch next week too.

There was even a lumberjack match, that was pretty good. It was funny seeing everyone on the outside get into their feuds, whilst Kevin Owens just stood there watching until he screwed Ryback over at the end. Good stuff.

The lumberjack match is always a good way to spot forgotten guys, and I was able to spot Adam Rose, Jack Swagger, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel, but NO SANDOW.

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For what it's worth, if you look at the source file for there's this at the bottom:

<!-- You're clever, but not quick enough. There will be future opportunities to leave your mark on the world of Black Hound, so don't touch that dial.-->

Nothing at the bottom of what I assume will be the offical home page for the game.

I want ths to be real, mainly because I love crazy things like this, but the whole things look pretty amatuerish. I mean, I've been learning how to code in my spare time, and that source code looks like I coded it. And the logo is pretty awful too. Regardless, I'll be tuning in.

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The guy who made the Alpaca for Drew made a pretty sweet Alpaca based on Finn Balor. More pictures of Finn Balpacor, and his cosplaying friends, can be found here

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Krazy Predications:

1. Randy Orton counters Sheamus' White Noise finish into a RKO

2. Cena wins, Sheamus cashes in the Money in the Bank and takes the Heavyweight Belt.

3. Sandow comes out dressed as Deathstroke (or whichever villains are in the Arrow show) and joins Stardust's side.

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I would really really like it if someone could make a poster for Cesaro vs Owens in the style of Aliens Vs Predator.

Because whoever wins, we're all losing. Both of those guys need a win so goddamn much.

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The Babadook (2014)

It’s hard to believe that The Babadook is the feature film debut of Australian director Jennifer Kent as this is a film of near flawless (Excellent? Something's either flawless or not flawless, so it doesn't really make sense to be 'near flawless') construction. The story follows a recently widowed mother Amelia and her out of control son Sam who is obsessed with protecting her from imaginary monsters. he is afraid of when he goes to bed at night, A common irrational childhood fear anyone can relate to, or is it irrational?

One night When looking for a bed-time story to read, Amelia finds (discovers) a pop-up book called “The Babadook” on a bookshelf that she doesn’t remember buying. The book begins in (classic)an almost Dr. Seuss rhyming style, but (slowly becomes more)after a few pages begins to turn threatening and sinister with sentences like “You can’t get rid of The Babadook”. //

Sam is naturally frightened by the story and they stop reading but he becomes obsessed with The Babadook and begins acting out, storing weapons around the house in order to fend of this new monster. His misbehaviour starts to drive Amelia over the edge and (as she becomes) unable to cope with the stress, (her, and the movies true nature reveals itself)the story turns its focus to what it really wants to talk about The struggles of a single parent who starts to hate her child.because she can’t cope and is slowly driven mad.

While While the Babadook itself is one of the scariest movie monsters conceived in the history of cinema, his taunt's of “ba-ba-dook-dook-dook” sends shivers down the (audience's) spines just thinking of it, the stories real horror elements emerge from Amelia’s sheer sense of frustration and the director’s ability to instil this feeling in the viewer, you too start to dislike (Sam)the child and you feel for Amelia and empathize with her inner conflict and you can feel it all coming to a head. No film has conveyed such a strong, constant sense of dread throughout since Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. (And ensures that The Babadook sticks long in the memory, blah-de-blah-de-blah 9/10) A strong comparison I know but I feel completely comfortable making it.

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Black Lotus tried her best, but she ain't no Rama.