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I have never seen anyone refer to Mirror's Edge as "ME", but that's just me.

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@Akrid said:
I believe this is referred to as...

 *thumbs through urban dictionary* 

"Copy Pasta".
Yeah, have none of you really seen this before?
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@TheKeyboardDemon said:
It's unlikely that you have bad ram, but it is never a bad idea to test it and rule it out. What are the specs on the computer? It might be that you have a particular mobo issue that can be resolved with a bios update or newer versions of the mobo drivers.
My motherboard is the ASUS P8P67 LGA 1155. I just RMA'd the last one as per recommendation from the tech shop guys, and this brand new one has the same problem. I also have a brand new PSU that is verified good. And I am about 80% through the memory test and MemTest hasn't found any errors yet, so it's looking like the ram isn't the culprit. I also an an Intel Core i5 2500-K CPU. I'm running Win7 off a 64 GB Crucial SSD, and I have a 1TB Seagate HDD for storage. 
I am really think this is a problem with the Win7 update I just got. I'm not sure it's coincidence that as soon as I updated, the problem came back. 
@cartvader said:
have you rolled back your OS through system recovery?? - if you can try installing windows updates one at a time until you get the BSOD again.Is this a fresh install of win 7? - if not can you wipe & reinstall, get a new HD and install to that, or install win 7 to a flash drive? I've had issues in the past where an old and or unused driver can cause the system to crash on boot-up.
I can't go through sysrecovery because I cant even get to Windows. It just fails as soon as I try and get in. 
Here's a video of what happens. Sorry for the poor aspect ratio (I recorded it on my iPod touch) 
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@CandleJakk: Literally just bought this PSU, and i tested it on another machine. But good input, thanks.  
I just tried swapping out one stick and then the other, and I get the same BSOD error. I will install memtest to a flash drive and try booting from that to see if both sticks are possibly bad.
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@HitmanAgent47: I'll try this, but I was wary to believe it was a RAM problem because it worked fine for a few weeks, then crapped out. And when I got my new mobo, it worked fine until I updated Win7, and then the problem resurfaced. But I will try swapping the RAM around to find a faulty stick.
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Posted this over at PCHF, but no one is responding. Thought I might try here. 
I am having a problem on my new machine: a BSOD  pops up on start-up. The BIOS splash screen will come up, and then the Windows 7 "Starting Windows" screen will appear. It will look as if Windows is about to start, and then a  will flash for a few milliseconds, and then the computer will reboot back to the BIOS splash screen. 

I took my computer to the local tech shop, and they spent like 20 minutes with it and determined it was probably a motherboard problem. I don't think so, because after RMAing the motherboard AND buying a new power supply (they thought some frayed wires may have shorted something), the exact same problem has come up.

An interesting note: I got the computer up and running yesterday after receiving my new motherboard, and it worked fine. However, after shutting down the computer and installing new updates, the problem resurfaced. 

I thought it might have something to do with this thread, but the thread specifies that it's only a problem on 32-bit copies of Win7, and my machine is 64-bit.

Any suggestions? I will supply any needed information. I cannot supply  logs because I cant even get the computer to boot Windows.

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We get it, you like BF3.

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I've got the EVGA 560 Ti in my set up, and I like it. It's a two-slotter, and it runs like a beast.

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@Sir_Ragnarok said:
For me it just boils down to this: 
I think I'd enjoy watching L.A. Noire more than I enjoy playing it. 
Interesting that you say that: my girlfriend hates video games, yet she has enjoyed watching me play L.A. Noire.  
To me, the game seems to model a cop procedural television series. The cases are sometimes connected, and sometimes not, much like various story-archs within TV series. I've enjoyed the game mechanics, though I can understand why someone would find them tedious. I feel that L.A. Noire is very unlike any other game before it, and that has led to its divisive nature.
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Yeah it looks awesome. And I love the "Coming up next" sidebar. Very cool indeed.