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I'm gonna get it for both like the big slut that I am.

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I am a huge fan of old film noir, so I might have to. I'm so pumped for this game!

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I was just about to say "Pssshhh, I saw this on reddit already." Until I realized you WERE the dude who put it on reddit. That's awesome, man. Kind of a anticlimactic ending, though..

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@RiotBananas said:
Oh shit, I just realised... My whole name is Stephen William David James.Does 'Stephen William David Chambers' have the same ring to it?
You have four first names already. Just make James another middle-name, and then tack on whatever last name you want. If Prince William can have a zillion middle-names, why can't you?
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Sweden will win. Being a Wings fan (and watching them get boned by the Sharks two nights ago), our team consists of about half the population of Sweden. So i must root for the Swedes!

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I am fine with most hot dog toppings. Personally, I am a fan of new york style dogs with mustard and saurekraut. But I will even give a pass to those chicagoans who like to drag their hotdogs through the garden. 

That being said, there is one hotdog condiment that is positively inexcusable, and that condiment is ketchup. That is an unforgivable abomination.
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I have smoked cigars in the past, but never regularly.

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I play the guitar, the bass guitar, piano, drums, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele, and saxophone. I have a lot of free time.

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@FancySoapsMan said:
"It's one of the stupidest shows on T.V. right now. "
That is a bold statement. Do you even own a television? Have you ever seen an episode of Two and a Half Men? Or The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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No matter how cool it gets to hate on South Park, I still very much enjoy the show and find it hilarious. Are there weak episodes? Yes. But I hope Matt and Trey keep making them.