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@ImmortalSaiyan said:
" @Axxol said:
"This thread has been done already. "

@Valames said:
"MK9!!!!!!!!!!!! "
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I have this thing that plays Blu-Ray media. Only one disc for me, thx.

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This is the kind of absurd I can get behind.

Also, this is the kind of news that I love. Kudos, Mr. Klepek. Kudos.
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@EuanDewar: Listening to that song again made me sad that they aren't making any more albums together.

Oh, and OP has some weak reasons. I am not terribly good at fighting games either, and have made it farther in the story mode. I thought that the story mode was a good introduction to the fighting styles of several different characters, and that would help me pick out one that was good to main. And the Liu Kang section is extremely early on in the story, so I didn't find it too terribly difficult. 

I love MK9, and I am not a fan of fighting games. I found this one to be very easy to pick up.
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I went to sleep in my bed. I awoke to a goddamn skeleton. He shot me several times in the face with an arrow. Clearly, I need to build a better house.

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@christ0phe: thats great man, what kind of work is it?

I'm about to get laid off in May, but I might get lucky and keep my job. If not, it will hopefully just be for the summer.
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 I couldn't resist.
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@dr_nefarious: Just get rats. They are way better. They're smarter, and you can teach them sweet tricks. And they don't fight or try to murder anyone.
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@vegetashonor: Your avatar is terrifying.
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I just checked them all out in the sweet Fatality tutorial, and a few really stood out to me:

Noob Saibot's fatality is super brutal (ripping a dude in half is pretty ridiculously brutal), along with Sheeva's tearing someone OUT OF THEIR SKIN! Smoke's was also a pretty good one, and Shang Tsung's was chuckle-worthy.

This is just a well put together, well executed (pun-intended) game.