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Check out Boredoms! They're more noise than metal but their shit's really cool.

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And like many have said so far, definitely check out Boris and Melt-Banana!

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The first article I read from Austin was a segment from Kotaku's "Video Games' Blackness Problem" and I've been constantly impressed with him since then.

Plus, he's the only one on staff who lamented the death of my favorite jazz artist last week, Ornette Coleman. Austin is awesome.

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I just miss the cardboard standees.

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I just started reading The Last Wish. It's a great introduction into the character. It's mostly short stories loosely tied together as chapters rather than a novel.

Sword of Destiny I guess was published first but it takes place after The Last Wish, and is more short stories. It's also kind of hard to find an english translation at the moment, I guess a new edition is coming out this December.

And then you have all of the novels starting with Blood of Elves.

But The Last Wish is reeeeeaaaallly good so far. I've never had to look up so many words while reading a book, and it's awesome.

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I never used her. You get better healers eventually.

I never finished that game because I'd constantly restart battles when I'd lose characters, so I encourage you to just keep trucking. You're also pretty early on so you'd probably be okay with restarting if it eats you up inside. You monster.

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Big Mess is a really good Devo song.

My avatar is a slightly skewed picture of Dean Ambrose because fuck it man

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@zombiepie Thanks for including my beautiful tribute to Papa Vinny and his barbershop!

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I read somewhere that 80% of the effects were practical with CGI only used for a few scenes. I think it shows too, the movie looks fucking incredible.

Plus, I want an entire movie about the dude with the guitar/bass flamethrower just shreddin on top of a truck across the wasteland. Fuck it, I wanna be that dude when the water wars hit.

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The Liverpool travelogue because it ruined The Beatles for me in the best way possible.

She's got a chicken pot pie