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#1 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

Mario 3D Land all the way. But you have to beat it twice to fully appreciate it.

Also Kirby Triple Deluxe is sooooo dope. That game came out of nowhere and is really underrated.

#2 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

Nah, no thanks.

I was stoked for lbp2 but other than the cool visuals the most I got out of the series were those crappy bookends and The Go! Team.

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@falserelic: Get her social link rank up to about 7 or 8 or so, then give her a Jack Frost doll and she'll be all over you.

#4 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

Well, what's your social link at right now with her?

#5 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

This game is dope.

#6 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

Little Nicky for the gameboy color.

It was my first gameboy game and upon my 8 year old brain realizing it to be absolute poo poo we returned it to Gamestop.

#7 Edited by bigmess (46 posts) -

My girlfriend and I have enjoyed wind waker together, passing off the controller.

But for real co-op new super mario bros on Wii would be a good start. You might end up hating each other though.

#8 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

Thanks for posting this! Im going to try to catch as much of this as I can.

Surprisingly im most excited for the melee tourney. I need a smash bros tier list stat!

#9 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

I recently started using anti-depressants from symptoms very similar to your own. They've certainly helped.

I was wary of taking prescription drugs before but it's certainly made my day-to-day life a lot easier to manage.

#10 Posted by bigmess (46 posts) -

That's pretty sick. Just beat persona 4 golden and started p4 arena today so this is pretty timely news for myself. What's with that shape at the bottom though?

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