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Dark Souls 2 but that's going to be put on hold once Bayonetta 2 shows up in the mail.

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I played a loooooooooooooooot of Dark Souls earlier this year when my depression was nearing its worst.

I guess it made me feel better by tackling bosses I never thought I could beat. A bit of a confidence boost I guess.

But anybody with serious depression should really reach out for help. Meds, therapy, anything. They helped me.

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I used to play Halo 3 with a guy who was inverted.

And he played like the monster that he is.

I couldn't even dream of being as good as him.

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Im not particularly soured by the Mewtwo dlc but damn, how long does it take for them to port an existing character into this?

I just hope this means we'll be getting more and more characters as time goes on. I really want to see Snake back in smash bros.

And the amiibo stuff seems reaaaaal dumb. If they make a Ness amiibo I just might pick that one up.

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So the big box is roughly five dollars, right? If you end up buying 80 of those, you'll have spent $400 on taco bell when you could've bought a PS4.

Here's to hoping you win before that! Godspeed duder!

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Yeah it's doing the same thing for me, and I'm on firefox. I even tried it on my vita, still no bomcastico classicos. :(

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Is anybody picking any of these games up?

Demon Souls is on sale, as well as all three Fatal Frame games.

I've never had the chance to dip my toes into the Frame series. Is it worth starting from the original? I know the sequel is supposedly better.

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Definitely any John Carpenter movie would do great. Prince of Darkness is fantastic and pretty creepy.

Re-Animator is an awesome H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, though not very scary. It's more along the lines of Evil Dead 2.

Also, From Beyond is an awesome mind fuck. It's by the same dudes as Re-Animator and based on Lovecraft.

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I worked at a used dvd and game store with the cringe-worthy name of Entertainmart, right as I started college.

It was cool for awhile, we got to listen to a lot of punk music, the majority of the staff was high on the pipe-dope and it was pretty laidback.

But like any independent shop, it eventually got very corporate with continuous cut-backs.

I worked my way up to assistant manager and eventually quit for a variety of reasons after about three years.

I have countless stories of insane customers. I could fill a book with some of the crazy shit I dealt with. But for the most part, it was fun.