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Big Mess is a really good Devo song.

My avatar is a slightly skewed picture of Dean Ambrose because fuck it man

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@zombiepie Thanks for including my beautiful tribute to Papa Vinny and his barbershop!

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I read somewhere that 80% of the effects were practical with CGI only used for a few scenes. I think it shows too, the movie looks fucking incredible.

Plus, I want an entire movie about the dude with the guitar/bass flamethrower just shreddin on top of a truck across the wasteland. Fuck it, I wanna be that dude when the water wars hit.

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The Liverpool travelogue because it ruined The Beatles for me in the best way possible.

She's got a chicken pot pie

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@jeff said:

Remember: Someone, somewhere is asking this exact question about Giant Bomb. Forum-focused communities almost always look busted from the outside.

I ran into this exact situation on a youtube comment section yesterday.

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Tekkonkinkreet has loads of styyyyyllllleeeeee.

I think the whole movie is on youtube. It's a little bonkers but the art is awesome.

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I have a PSTV, Vita, a New 3ds, and am a crazy person so I feel qualified to answer this.

Get a New 3ds. There's some real dope games on it and you're not missing anything on the Vita that you couldn't play on your PSTV. The only touch-based games you might miss out on are things like Tearaway.

Plus, I've had limited success with remote play on my Vita. I need to be in the same room as my PS4 for it to work. Granted, I have bad internet throughout my house.

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I've had a few issues with faction stuff too.

I can't even connect my dumb WB account with the mobile game. I just want Ninja Mime Johnny Cage god damn it.