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Choo chooooooooooooooooooooo!

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I love my Playstation TV. It's not perfect but it's great for watching all of my favorite Japanese animations!

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@jesus_phish: Yeah I don't know what they didn't choose a place like Austin or even Dallas. They at least have good public transportation. It's a shame you kind of have to drive anywhere in most Texas cities.

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Tetris Attack has always been one of my favorite puzzle games. I played the ever living crap out of it back on the SNES.

Meteos is pretty cool if you have a DS. As well as Pushmo or Crashmo but those are going for a different vibe.

I don't know what it is about Dr Mario but I've never liked the gameplay. But the music is bangin.

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This will be my first PAX and I have no idea what kind of turnout to expect for Giant Bomb's San Antonio Exploratory Mission and Meeting.

It seems like there's still tickets available for the show in general which is kind of unheard for PAX.

I'll be there, will you? Will you be wearing a cowboy hat?

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I had that plot point spoiled for me too when playing it last year.

Don't worry, it's worth seeing the ending. Other stuff happens that you won't see coming at all.

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That's good to hear. I was considering getting into this game and only have a controller.

It looks like a good Euro Space Truck Simulator to me.

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Put a dog in the sink! That'll fix it!

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It's nice to see something about this game other than all of the "do not buy H1Z1 due to manipulative lies told by developers" stuff.

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Zoe Quinn deserves a Golden Duder award. It's really cool to see her doing this with her own money and without profit.