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I'm 6'6" tall and weigh about 399lbs. I'm what you could call "largeish". I love football and I am number 63. I'm going to Coffeyville Community College to play football and continue my education. After I get done there I hope to get a scholarship from KU or K-State to play football. If that doesn't work out then I'm going to walk on at Pittsburg State University. I like video games; Halo: Combat Evolved is my favorite. My gamertag is Big Se63xy. Send me a friend request. I love fireworks and I have a type 54 manufactures license so I can build my own display shells. I used to like rollercoaster more than anything else but I have kind of backed off on that a little. I still want to get a degree in engineering so I can design them though. I'm just not thinging about majoring in Chemistry so I can do something in the pyrotechnic industry.