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i've pretty much been gaming exclusively on the original xbox and then the 360 these last few years. i've loved the machines, despite their flaws, and they've given me who knows how many hours of enjoyment (i still use the 360 regularly).

this satisfaction lead me to eagerly anticipate the next iteration of the xbox, but damn microsoft for being microsoft. alex basically sums up everything right here:

Sony absolutely knocked it out of the park, and it did so by simply demonstrating a strong understanding of what its consumers would conceivably want, rather than just assuming that consumers will take whatever it feels like giving them.

while i will wait til the dust settles before i purchase a new console, right now my money's leaning towards japan.

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articles like this are one of the many reasons i love this site. great work, patrick.

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i guess this is mostly about gaming podcasts.

the McElroys. (even when they arent doing gaming related content. their "my brother, my brother, and me" podcast with their bro Travis is consistently hilarious.)

i like the gamers with jobs podcast guys for the most part, even though they tend to overly praise new titles before catching on to the criticisms everyone else already noticed a week or so after the glow wears off. still, they seem a bit older and more aware of gaming history and tropes than a good many other podcasters.

i like destructoid, and usually find myself agreeing with jim sterling's critiques despite (or because of) the blind rage he causes fanboys of all stripes.

i enjoyed the talkradar podcast til it mysteriously went on hiatus.

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@devilzrule27 said:

I loved spore. Good shit.

Has the OP lost all credibility after the fiasco that is this thread?


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i'm more excited about Max von Sydow being involved in this than anything else.

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anything mario.

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  props to Orthogonalus for this gem.


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reminds me of this COMPLETELY NSFW video: