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Too little to late? or can Nintendo pull an Apple inc. and learn from their competitor's innovations and create a product that is the best of the best? I doubt it...

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@finaldasa: I was disappointed in the "shots" they were taking at gamers but your right most sports dudes totally blow off eSports as soon as its mentioned but you can't ignore the audience its gaining.

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I listen to a radio sports show that is based out of Toronto, Canada. The talk about everything sports and anything closely related to it. The love having fun, ranting, lots of ranting, actually a crap-load of ranting. They also like to inform and on Wednesday's show they discussed eSports and twitch and I thought it was kinda interesting. It was interesting because these guys loves sports but they were talking about video games and the impact that it could make in their field. There was discussion on the rise and fall of boxing and poker but they also talked about how sports are entertainment and competitive video games could become a entertaining "sport" to watch.

They are gobsmacked by the fact that the viewers for the LoL Final are bigger than some of the major sports finals in North America. But they make sure to throw some dirt at video gamers but don't dwell on that to much for we throw dirt at "jocks and meat-heads." The discussion by non video gamers about the monetization and the chance of eSports being a fad was interesting to me.

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p.s. They also do name that wrestler

p.s.s If you want to know how much Canada takes hockey serious here is an example.

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@i_stay_puft: ESPN has nothing else to do during the summer days then pull stuff out of its ass and 1 out of 100 times they find something good/interesting.

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@cloudyimpulse: I bet he would just stick back and do cash matches at the hotel but he would be doing some high stakes Shaq Fu!

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A ESPN article talking about Lebron James' memory revealed that Lebron and his friends played Shaq Fu.

Brandon Weems, James' lifelong friend, on playing "Shaq Fu" with him as a kid:

"When we were growing up we used to play this fighting game on the Sega Genesis called Shaq Fu," says Brandon Weems, James' lifelong friend. "LeBron was the only one who had memorized all the moves and so he'd win every time. We all thought he definitely was cheating."Memorizing all the manipulations with the joystick and the A, B and C buttons back in the days before it could be Googled the Inferno Kick was down, toward the player, with the C button pressed, but only with the "Shaq" character, mind you is one thing. When James started adding the pathological layers as he got older, that's when he really started messing with his friends.

Instead of becoming a Shaq Fu Pro Lebron is able to use his photographic memory to remember pretty much every detail of the 1000 Pro NBA games he has played!

Courtesy: ESPN

H/T: theScore

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Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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@funkys: I think somebody said to stop doing the bombcast and he responded " sorry guy, but FUCK no"

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@mageknight: Depends on how deep they go with Organization mechanics, it might be useful to have other ranks to allow certain dedicated members to run things, like events or relations with other organizations. If the organization is just so likely minded players can talk and organize basic stuff with each other then those three roles would be fine but who knows with this game!

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I have searched some other forums and don't have any easy achievements left in Enemy Unknown and thus I do not know if you can get Enemy Unknown achievements in Enemy Within. i.e. If i finish a classic ironman game in Enemy Within do I get the Achievement for Enemy Unknown PC.