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Guess I spoke to soon. Jeff mentioned it on the Bombcast today, saying that he'd been playing it and really liked it.

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Radiant Sivlergun is still $170 on Ebay. Once something builds up value it doesn't necessarily drop away just with an official emulated version (Earthbound is another example) but games that are digitally available on PC don't tend to build up that value in the first place. There has to be a period of true scarcity.

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@irvandus said:

It's just that some of that a faaaaar too early for a remake. Like Borderlands: the Presequel coming out again this year is madness. The DmC remaster is also way too early.

These are called remasters but they're really just ports/GOTY editions. In most cases the higher quality assets already existed thanks to PC versions (though with something like DmC they are tweaking the game in addition to including those things.) Publishers see that the release schedules for the new consoles are sort of barren so they port whatever they have lying around to the systems to get some buzz and fill dates, plus extend the retail tail of the game. I don't see why it's a big deal. The real problem is the lack of "Big" games for the new consoles over a year into their lives. Smaller games are making it not feel like a drought, but the thing about smaller games is that they don't justify new hardware. I'm looking forward to Shovel Knight in April, but Shovel Knight runs on the 3DS. You don't need a PS4 for Shovel Knight. Or really Helldivers (which is fine on the Vita, which is weaker than the PS3.)

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As someone whose dad died when he was fairly young I wish I'd said it more.

Unless your dad was really abusive or cruel (or absent) it's unlikely you're ever going to regret telling him you love him, while you might definitely regret the opposite when he's no longer around to hear it.

In my experience it's never a bad idea to tell the people you love how you feel about them. Not constantly to the point of being maudlin, but at least once in awhile.

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I'm kind of excited, but my friend and I are going to play through this co-op and based on the amount of content and the speed at which we play (~10 hours a month co-op on a good month) it's going to take us like a year. That's a big frickin' commitment.

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He probably dislikes Blitzball because he played it. That was his first mistake. I like FFX as a whole but Blitzball is boring and repetitive and unrewarding to play. It's a silly minigame that gets blown up way out of proportion (if you want to do anything other than play that first match) and represents the problem of the more is more Final Fantasy philosophy.

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I watch most UPFs, must have missed that one. It's not linked in the game wiki page.

@rickyyo: The console version works okay. It would be better on a PC (the performance is a bummer on XBONE) but the game plays fine. A lot of it is about evading enemy fire, which works just as well on console, and the auto-aim makes it possible to shoot things while you're dodging. They did a decent job with the port except, once again, the performance, which I assume is because they're a small team that's not used to the hardware.

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So this was released Thursday for XBONE after being available for PC for awhile, and it seems to be getting absolutely no attention. I saw the Total Biscuit WTF is video and it seemed kind of interesting so when I saw it on XBONE for $15 I decided to give it a shot.

Basically it's yet another FPS roguelikeish game (there is some persistence in terms of unlocking equipment and characters and such) like Tower of Guns or Heavy Bullets, but with a Hexen-like aesthetic (polygonal though) and gameplay that sort of resembles that of Serious Sam (Lots of monsters who all run at you, though not as many or as big as SS, of course)

It's pretty fun in a mindless shoot monsters with wands and spells way. There are treasure rooms and secret rooms and rooms with traps, and each level ends in a boss, all of which are at least mildly challenging. There's a level up mechanic with perks that's kind of like that in Crimsonland, and you can unlock different characters with abilities like specializing in a particular weapon type. The game plays well, with lots of fast paced action and a decent variety of enemy types. At least on the XBONE there's a fair amount of auto-aim to compensate for the slow moving projectiles, but there's usually enough going on to keep things challenging. The XBONE version can also get kind of hitchy in terms of the frame rate, which is disappointing, since the game looks like it could easily run on the 360 (not that it's graphically unappealing, just not super detailed.)

I do hope that Giantbomb does a Quick look of the game, since I think it's pretty fun, but it definitely deserves at least a little bit of attention from the gaming community. I've definitely spent $15 on worse, and if you're looking for an all-action FPS with a little Hexen flavor you could do significantly worse.

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People do care but what'cha gonna do at this point? Not buy the game, not buy the DLC, or wait until the "Komplete Edition" is released.

Personally I am leaning towards the last because I don't like not having characters, but $7.50 a character is absurd, especially when the main game characters cost like $2 apiece, and the main game development costs also involve an engine and a single player game and netcode and all the rest of it.

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They're packing a copy of the game in with new Xboxes, at least in NA, so the player population ought to get a nice bump from that.