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@brendan: Sorry should have put Ground Zeroes on the end of MGS5. my mistake.

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Depends on the situation really.

If we're talking sandwich's like ham subs, Chicken Tikka meat or Tuna then Mayo all the frigging way

Stuff like Chips/Fries, Wedges or any potato based thing which goes with burgers, hotdogs etc then Ketchup all the way.

However saying that I did a strange mixture of mayo and ketchup in the pub by my old college once and it was strangely nice.... Don't judge lol

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For me it's Child of Light, Wolfenstein, Watch_Dogs and Metal Gear 5. Yeah I know MGS5 is a very short game, however I've actually enjoyed it and I'm trying to get most if not all of the extra missions unlocked.

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I wouldn't mind either way.

I think they could go forward with the series and not really say "This ending is actually cannon" by having the reasons for the mass relays being damaged being unknown so to speak.

If they when to the past then I think they should explore more of the past cycles which was hinted at, maybe show something of the prothean's or the advanced race before them.

Basically I would rather sit and watch a trilogy of Mass Effect films showing the first contact wars.

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@jadegl: I know also what I love about it (looking back at it as someone interested in TV Productions) is the fact the BBC took a massive risk getting well know TV personalities of the time to take part in it.

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Ghostwatch my god I've not seen it since well when it was shown on BBC back in the 1990's. Scared the crap out of me (OK granted I was 10 at the time). I think you'll enjoy that one Patrick.

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Awesome news, Cannot wait to see what they have planned next. Hopefully a lot more Tombs for one.

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From looking at the information which is dripping out it looks like it's going to be worth playing. Also would it be wrong to hope this kicks a revival for console based Survival horror (and a massive kick up the arse to more mainstream games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill)

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I use to be one. I quit on December 31st 2012 at one minute to midnight, and I've not had one craving or anything since (So far). However at the height of my smoking (and stress levels) I would easily burn through 60 a week.

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Sorry to piss on Obama's rain and crusade however Violence has been around since cave men time and well there was nothing like movies, TV or Video games back then.

Simply put if people want to murder some dudes, they'll do it regardless and there is nothing that these studies can do about it.