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6. Power Armor is for Pussies

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  Can't believe no one has posted this yet
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@Mordukai said:
" @Bigvic785 said:
" Five bucks says this thread gets bumped in five months "
OK, its a bet. FIve months it is. January 18th 2010. Do we count inflation? "
O guess someone bumped this thread? What does that mean?
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The Nintendo Wii is finally getting Netflix's streaming service, which is already available on competing game consoles.

Streaming from the online move-rental service will go live on Nintendo's console this spring, according to a joint announcement on Wednesday. As with the competing consoles, the service will be available at no additional cost for Netflix subscribers with unlimited plans, which start at $8.99 per month.

Like with the Sony PlayStation 3, which added Netflix streaming last fall, Nintendo Wii owners will need a free, instant-streaming disc from Netflix to access content. Using the disc may be annoying to some people since they must pop it into their Wii drive to access Netflix's stream.

Microsoft's Xbox 360, the first console to get Netflix streaming, requires no extra disc. However, Microsoft does require an Xbox Live gold membership, which costs $50 a year, to access the Netflix service.

Wii owners can start reserving their instant-streaming disc now on Netflix's Wii page.

  Good for Nintendo, this will cater even more to the casual crowd.
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GameCop is gonna arrest u for asking such a ridiculous question; once he's done raising drug prices of course

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I was in the top 20 in Madden NFL 08 on the Wii. I was in the top 100 in DBZ Burst Limit at the beginning IRC

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@ryanwho: Ninja cover ups; the best kind of cover ups.
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I own two.08 for the wii 09 for the 360

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@buzz_clik: Jesus never saved the world like the Green Ranger Wait...
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@LiquidSwords said:
" He fights for jesus     "
No he fights for