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" I've lost all faith in humanity if somebody can't finish GTAIV because it's to hard. 
GTAIV is one of the easiest game released. Its driving autoaiming and cover system. You can free roam too so if your low on health just get to a burger shot or hot dog stand. You deserve to start over if you die in GTA IV. The game was made easy so you could enjoy the story and immerse yourself in the characters. Who are you, Brad?
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Wouldn't be a thread about games unless someone brings up Killer Instinct. He owns Cinder BTW
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After many ultra balls in Pokemon; you finally catch that paralized or sleeping Legendary. You see that Pokeball just stop moving and know its finished.

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@Mordukai: Yes I plan on some hyper inflation; are we talking American Dollars or would you like to give me money in a different currency.
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Five bucks says this thread gets bumped in five months

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Giantbomb- Killer Instinct Rap Giantbombcast If anyone can find it please give a link

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@LiquidPrince: I try not like that first post
When you can think of anything funny; make fun of yourself, Self-deprecating humor
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@LiquidPrince: Yea i know my creative juices were really working. Really original...
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@CoolDrMoney: Living the lavish lifestyle makes you do some crazy things. He chose to do coke, and he paid for it. Doesn't tarnish his legacy as Infomercial king and overall good man. Drugs don't turn you into a bad person , but Cocaine is one hell of a drug
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@c1337us: Billy Mays in a way represents the American dream. He was a college drop out and every man. He was aware of himself, and overall was a family man and cool guy. He kicked back beers, and even made fun of himself with the ESPN commericials. He showed with a voice; you could sell anything.