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$5 is $20 too much

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Sorry about necroposting but I don't know if this deserves its own thread
 Autopsy: Cocaine contributed to Billy Mays' death

By MITCH STACY (AP) – 17 minutes ago

TAMPA, Fla. — An autopsy report shows that cocaine use contributed to the heart disease that suddenly killed TV pitchman Billy Mays in June, officials announced Friday.

The Hillsborough County medical examiner's office previously determined that the bearded, boisterous TV spokesman had a heart attack in his sleep. His wife found him unresponsive in bed in their Tampa condo June 28.

Mays was a pop-culture fixture with his energetic commercials pitching gadgets and cleaning products like Orange Glo and OxiClean.

While heart disease was the primary cause of death, a report released Friday by the medical examiner listed cocaine as a "contributory cause of death."

The medical examiner "concluded that cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and thereby contributed to his death," the office said in a press release.

The office said Mays last used cocaine in the few days before his death but was not under the influence of the drug when he died. Hillsborough County spokeswoman Lori Hudson said nothing in the toxicology report indicated the frequency of Mays' cocaine use.

Cocaine can raise the arterial blood pressure, directly cause thickening of the left wall of the ventricle and accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries, the release said.

The toxicology tests also showed therapeutic amounts of painkillers hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol, as well as anti-anxiety drugs alprazolam and diazepam. Mays had suffered hip problems and was scheduled for hip-replacement surgery the day after he was found dead.

The McKees Rocks, Pa., native developed his style demonstrating knives, mops and other "As Seen on TV" gadgets on Atlantic City's boardwalk. For years he worked as a hired gun on the state fair and home show circuits, attracting crowds with his booming voice and genial manner.

He got his start on TV on the Home Shopping Network and then branched out into commercials and infomercials. He developed such a strong following that he became the subject of a reality TV series, Discovery Channel's "Pitchmen."

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Doesn't change the fact that he was a great man, but as Rick James would say Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

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@CynicalRodent: You didn't actively spend money on Dash for Destruction so that makes me the scum of the world and you a saint. But I am going to make a profit, but what was I doing looking at Avatar in the first place? AHHHHHHHHHH I am a terrible person.
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 Alright today I bought Avatar BE, and I've been thinking. Have I crossed the line into full born achievement whore? I have always been somewhat of a completionist, but every game I have ever bought was for my personal enjoyment and has had nothing to do with achievements, but today I saw Avatar BE on ebay for just $7. I just couldn't resist it. I realize I could make a small profit by buying the game and reselling it. I would make $5; probably not even worth the effort. I don't know if its the the deal and the business that got me to purchase this game or the straight achievement whore in me. My mind set during the purchase was I could buy this game get an easy 1000 and make a little money.
Have I crossed the echelon into achievement whore or does the deal exempt me from this classification? May God help my weak weak soul.

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The one bad review hates on video games

"This cartoonish movie is not as cheesy or silly as Sommers' former work (The Mummy, Van Helsing), but it's like a long, relentlessly violent videogame, lacking plot, character, feeling or acting, with the robot-like actors marginal in the overall design" Emmanuel Levy

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Somehow this thread devolved into Halo vs Call of Duty Ugh, and I actually read every post.
They're both good games neither one is second rate, and both have serious name value.

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@keyhunter said:
" Dave is the foundation of this website. Without him there is NOTHING. "
Without Dave there is still Blank... 
Vote Blank
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@Vorbis said:
" Drew needs to get in on some quicklooks so he can beat blank. "
Blank is still a threat
I think Blank needs some quicklooks so he can beat Dave
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Only person on Giantbomb to have an S rank in DBZ Burst Limit...

Vinny would be proud

Edit: Nevermind someone else recently joined who has it

Edit 2: Alright the other guy who has it is a hacker; I don't know what that counts as.
Only person to have a legit S rank in DBZ burst limit

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I don't look at the achievements to determine the purchase of a game, and during my first play through I don't look at the achievements, but rather play it for enjoyment. I feel however that achievements and trophies add incentive to play through a game again, and do the things the developers feel are important. I think it adds value to a game in which I probably would have stop playing otherwise.