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It works still! At least on a trial run. I'm on Win 7 32 bit. What I did was:

  1. xxxxxxx....

Edit: I tried it with all my game titles which match the GB dB exactly, it did nothing for the 26 hours it was running. Tried it with 50, hung an hour before I stopped it. Twenty games - look, bottom line, this tool is broken, and we'll have to continue querying the Giant Bomb database in the same inefficient manner for years to come because they won't give us a bleeping "games" table with "concepts",
"Genre" and all the other fields it would be nice to have. So keep hammering away at the dB, I guess, until the year comes that they don't have all the info scattered to the four winds of the bleeping universe......

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I would think that by including a key field of "game name" in each table (genre, concept, etc), the amount of calls to the database may be reduced significantly as people would only have to make one query to get all their info for a particular game. This, as opposed to piecing together all the info across all the tables. I wasn't able to find this topic in the forums, but whaddaya say?

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For pure comedy genius unrelated to gaming, Stereo Radiation. As for video game podcasts, I've tried a LOT over the past 6 years and I would highly recommend RetroForce Go and Idle Thumbs; I've re-listened to all their material at least once. Idle Thumbs is hilarious and Retroforce GO is a nice change of pace from other retro gaming podcasts that review retro games just to dump on them so they can be edgy, hip and snarky.

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I'd like to think my taste is very refined over the 24 years I've been gaming (it better be). Over the decades, I've developed definite preferences when it comes to my video games. This will also explain a lot of my postings in the years to come on this site. So here's what I like in terms of game traits:

  • Turn based
  • Offline
  • Offline Co-op gameplay
  • Sprites
  • Multiplayer bots
  • Randomized weapons (when applicable)
  • Armor & Weapon Shops (when applicable)
  • Classic controller style (2 hands, relaxed)
Here's what I dislike in my console games for the most part:
  • Online only
  • Weapon durability
  • Item/weapon crafting
  • World War 2
  • Zombies
  • Controller-obics (unnecessary motion controls required)
  • Real Time Strategy
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Oh goody. The 700th game that has World War 2, 368th game that has zombies and the 60th game on XBox Live where I can hear a 12 year old kid literally crying because his aiming isn't that good yet. Avoiding anything like this like the f'ing PLAGUE. 2K, Activision, Rockstar, Ubisoft and EA need to go bankrupt. Maybe then kids today would know what it was to look forward to videogames that weren't merely chat clients with pretty pictures that allowed you to status update your tweetyBook. The death of gaming is nigh. Welcome in the age of social.

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If Sega were still making consoles, there would be two others out by now.

  1. There'd be another laser-disc based console with slightly better graphics than the PS2.  Sega would have so many additional peripherals for it, it would put the Wii to shame today. One of the peripheral ideas would be copied by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in some way or another with varying degrees of success.
  2. The next console would actually beat the 360 to launch, though the game library would lag behind in numbers for a year or so. Online multiplayer would be an afterthought that required an additional network adapter. Sega would direct its dev community to produce good quality games as opposed to a shell of a game that was a glorified chat client with pretty pictures. This decision would result in shining examples of gaming development never seen since Playstation 1. This would be especially evident in the critically acclaimed turn-based war/strategy games, turn-based rpgs, "super-platformers", and it would whomp Wii's rump at party games without requiring players to jump around and do the "Wiiggle"/tennis elbow/carpal tunnel syndrome. The controllers would be wired, which would take a lot of heat at launch, but allowed players to play whenever they wanted without charging a controller. Sega's response in one of their interviews concerning the controller decision would be: "You don't plug a baseball in the wall for 4 hours. You play catch. You. Just. Play."