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Just beat it. Was I the only one that thought Price died as well? He took one last puff and faded away?

I thought about that as well but I don't think he was badly wounded enough to die. I can't remember how many times he was shot or if he was stabbed at all. I just wonder what the police will do when they find him there. I mean, he's wanted by just about everyone dead or alive. He took down Makarov which is no doubt a favor to everyone but to the outside world, he basically murdered America's top general.

I did. Optics that before the mission started, the Task Force 141 logo didn't have DISAVOWED across it. Perhaps... Just perhaps... He's been pardoned.
Well the Russian President knew the truth behind the situation which would have helped Price's case.


On another note... I really wish that you got to keep the Juggernaut armor on a little longer.

multiplayer has a lot of juggernaut its just noobs gang up on you

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xox freeza xox (xbox) doesnt matter if i dont get it its just i got reset from tenth the other day

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its not just a selected few games its random accounts i was playing mw3

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made an account to post like the guy above the same stuff happened to me but i was on spec ops mw3 survived round one note im level 47 so ive obviously survived many rounds and i got the achievement im not to bothered i only had a 2000 gamerscore not to bothered but still i want it back