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Or was it someone in the office with a big porn fetish??

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Damn, I have to play the missions to do that.

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So I'm at the huge rocket thing and I wanna know how do i turn it on so i can ride it????????? 
I saw it on the advert so I know it is possible. 

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What's an Asteroid????? :S

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Fallout Vegas isn't big enough to have this type of marketing, considering it's going to be an expansion. If it is then this is a disappointment. 

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Do I need the code, cos my friend is selling Mass Effect 2 to me for 20 pounds without the card and the game costs like 30 pounds, is the extra 10 pounds worth it just for the card???????? 

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I remember before he reviewed kane and lynch, many people were getting sick of Jeff on Gamespot saying he couldn’t replace Rich Gallup on On the Spot or the Zelda review was shit etc. When he got fired everyone started to love him. I'm glad he reviewed kane and lynch because I was getting sick of Gamespot at the time and now we have Giant Bomb.

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Thanks, I have decided to go for Persona 4. I want to save money and I doubt I will have time for 3 later as I will be far too busy thanks everyone for help.

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Persona 3 FES is £18.00 and Persona 4 is £13.00 (im from the uk), so from where I'm going to buy from 4 is cheaper and I don't want to splash the extra cash if it's worth it, so is Persona 3 good enough to spend 5 bucks on or should i go for the cheaper option of 4. I only want to spend 5 pounds extra if It's worth it, by that if it's amazing even now at this time.

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I have the first PS3 that was out the 60GB one, and I've played PS2 games on it before so it should work.