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@jking47: Rather not have a desktop just cluttered with icons.

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Was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. I'm looking for something to organize different applications similar to how the Steam library works. Just something simple where I can have shortcuts to different things. Having pictures to go with everything would be preferred, but was wondering if there was anything like that out there.

Thanks for the help.

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Dark Souls has been my go-to game for that recently.You'd think it would just make me worse, but it's like my comfort food now.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Going to try the 360 wireless controller since the bundle is on sale at amazon. Also, thank you SathingtonWaltz for showing me the OnLive controller. It looks kind of cool.

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I'm looking into setting up to play my PC games in the living room. My PC is in the office and I have HDMI running through ethernet into the television in the other room. I was wondering would would be the best solution for a gamepad in this situation. I've been looking at my wireless options, mainly a wireless 360 controller for PC and a wireless Logitech gamepad. It looks like I would have to get the controller/adapter bundle since the majority of wireless adapters sold for 360 controllers aren't genuine. The Logitech gamepad looked comparable and would likely have drivers to set up things such as using the triggers as buttons for older games. However, some reviews say that the wireless is unreliable, even from a couple feet away.

Any feedback and personal experiences will be appreciated. Also, if there's some sort of wireless USB dongle thing that I could use my existing wired 360 pad that exists, I'd love to know about it and if such a thing is any good.

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Where was this when the PSP GO came out?

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I would like a good, HQ audio clip of Brad saying "Emails" from anyone who would be so kind as to spare the time. I would be grateful.

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The US release added stuff like Cold and Jurassic 5 but those aren't part of the OST.

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Hmm?? Hideki Naganuma did must of the songs and as far as I know they're exclusive to the games.

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How has Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future not been mentioned yet??
Two of the very few soundtracks that hold up outside of the game.

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