Mega Man-Super Hard

Well, I have been playing Mega Man 1, and the boss at the Dr. Wily Stage is really hard! I haven't beaten him yet. I have a love/hate relationship with Mega Man. I love Mega Man, but the games are so hard! One hit knocks off about 1/3 of your health! And some of the jumps and enemies are hard to get past. But it is so rewarding when you finally advance in Mega Man games. That's what they offer.


Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all enjoy gaming even more this year and can appreciate the goodness in gaming and avoid the bad games. Also, may you be successful in your endeavors and learn from your mistakes. I hope you have enough free time to really cherish great games, and I hope the games coming for 2011 live up to the hype, and the older games you play in '11 are fun and enjoyable experiences. 


Merry Christmas Everybody! Give and Receive Lots of Games:)

This time of year it is important to be thankful for the blessings you have received. Friends, relationships, pets, family, housing, transportation, and financial security are important things we can be thankful. I am thankful for all these things and my video game consoles and games that I have. Not to be preachy, but most of all I am thankful for the friend I have in Jesus, whose birth I celebrate for Christmas. I am thankful for his entrance into the world and his sacrifice for my salvation and everyone else who has ever lived or will live on Earth. I hope all my friends on GiantBomb that celebrate it have a very merry Christmas! I hope you get some really nice games!


July 2, 2008

My very first experience of a local professional sports franchise taken away from me happened on July 2, 2008 (and July 2 happens to be my birthday). On that day it was officially announced that the Seattle SuperSonics were moving to Oklahoma City after owner Howard Schultz sold the team to a group of Oklahoma City investors including Clay Bennett. Clay Bennett and Co. seemed to never have any intentions of keeping the team in Seattle, and Schultz should have known better to sell his team to a group in another state far away. The new owners claimed the move was because the city of Seattle did not renevate Key Arena, but that was just an excuse to justify their actions. It doesn't take a Ph.D to know that if you sell something local to somebody who is far away, there is a good chance of that something to be moved. The relocated team became the Oklahoma City Thunder, and all the continued success of great players like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook could have been blossoming in Seattle. Now I know how Cleveland felt. I hope Seattle gets to join the National Basketball Association soon, and a National Hockey League team would be killer also. 


First Snow

We got our first snow of the season on November 21. They say it is going to be a cold winter. It has melted now, but I am sure there will be more to come.

Things I Have Never Done In My Life

This is a list of things I have never done in my life, for whatever reason.

waited outside for a store to open for a video game or console to come out




gotten a tattoo

gotten a piercing

had to do a school assignment in which you take care of an egg to demonstrate parenting skills

gotten below a C- in a class

bought or sold a house

owned a suit

owned more than 3 platforms at one time (not including PC)

gone on a cruise

had an "MTV" type Spring Break

owned an iPod

owned a smart phone

gone hunting

owned an automatic car

gone surfing

been on a train

been on a helicopter

been on a unicycle

caught a foul ball or home run at a baseball game

been to an NHL game (the closest NHL franchise is over 150 miles away (241 kilometers)

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