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I've fallen into a DEEP DEEP Dark Souls and Desktop Dungeons hole. @patrickklepek you should give DD a try while your still experimenting with different game types. Spelunky had a grip on me for a long time and I'm loving DS. Hearthstone getting a grip on me too. It's a CCC but its really addicting. Keep up the good work and exposing the audience to new things.

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@tobbrobb That's what I was wondering. So reverting is a way to go with the Scimitar? I completely agree with you on being comfortable with your weapon. Thanks for the advice.

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@nok @hengst Thanks guys. On your advice I'll give the Umigata (or whatever) a shot. I'll look out for Blader side sword drops too. I won't be Rawing any more weapons. Try some other upgrade paths.

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@hengst: I've got that katana but don't have the STR to 1 hand. Prefer upgraded Scimitar to it

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I'm playing as a wanderer and am maxing Dexterity. I'm level 40ish and currently making my way through Sen's fortress. I'm still using my starting weapon(scimitar) as my main and it's upgraded to Raw +4. The scimitar has Dex scaling and Raw weapon have less stat scaling than normal. At what point ( if at all) should i revert back to normal from raw to get the scaling benefit? Or should I start upgrading another curved sword ( like falchion)? Is it "normal" to still be using your starting weapon at this point? I've picked up ALOT of new weapons but few that had Dex scaling.

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I've currently got the 4gb card. Thinking about buying a new 16 gb card so that I can actually save some games to the thing. I've got a Persona 3 (PSP) save that I want to transfer to the new card. PS plus doesn't allow cloud saves for PSP games. Any ideas how I can transfer the save? Don't want to have to switch cards every time I want to play P3.

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@sloopy75: yup.

I don't know if I can listen to this during my work commute in the morning. Barely slept last night

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Very very sad day. Ryan will be greatly missed. Never met him but it felt as if I did. A great loss

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Just purchased the latest Humble Bundle and already owned a couple of the games being offer, so I'm giving away Steam codes for those games. Games as follows:

Dear Ester


Thomas was alone

Hotline Miami (awesome game).

If ya want a code PM me with the name of the game that you want and I will hook .