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Obsidian Aims to Fix

You're a riot, Navarro!

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Brilliant, Klepek. More stuff like that!

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I suppose this is as good a place to ask as any:

Have you guys spent any time with the new Deus Ex?

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@TekZero: If this really is Diana, I suspect that this is a rather personal mission - at least that's how I interpret his Rambo approach. Even 47 can lose his cool head once in a while.

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Pretty annoying for the end-user. I reckon >85% of the PC gaming demographic are already on Steam. I doubt that this will discourage anyone from playing SWTOR if they wanted to in the first place though.

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The oddly-named technology

That was beautifully diplomatic of you.
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What Marz said.

Also, remember, UberSampling is not expected to be used by any one with our generation of graphics cards. It's the "you come back to the game three years later and still got something pretty to look at option".
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@nissanskyline For the people that get nearly the same fps on highest and lowest settings, it's because of your CPU. The Advanced Settings mostly influence the GPU, so this is a surefire way to tell after you ruled out the Nvidia 3d bug thingie.  And can you cut insulting the developer when you're the one too daft to inform yourself?


I'm playing on "max settings", bar UberSampling of course. Think of UberSampling as a feature that's for people coming back to the game three years down the road. Know what it does? It does all the work your CPU+GPU does without it THREE TIMES OVER. So it's FPS without ubersampling / 3. It looks beautiful and is in all ways superior to AA+AF, but it crushes your fps by definition. :) 

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@Marz: You should be able to preload by now.
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THE WAIT HURTS. You reckon the duders are gonna do a QL? I don't remember there being too much PC exclusive love 'round these parts.