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Origin redirects you based on the country you are in, needless to say in my country Origin has shitty support and things look wrong and buggy most the time. I honestly can't stand the service for those reasons. I can imagine the amount of people who did sign up but never used the service, so that 11 million could very well be trivial.

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I might have to remove L.A. Noire from my steam wishlist, but before I do, I guess a debate is in order about this sort of thing. Spoilers ahead.

Anti Gaming in video games is not very uncommon, but LA Noire is highly guilty of this sort of thing. The scenario is a simple one, you have a series of objectives to complete but the game rather then rewarding you for your accomplishments, decides to do the exact opposite.

Further more I'll be using LA Noire as an example since it is more recent, but many games in the past are also guilty of this, some more than others.

LA Noire has a great system for based on investigating crime scenes and a fantastic deep story with fleshed out characters, however I find that even though both these features are to be commended for both their uniqueness and ground breaking tech in the world of gaming, they fail to work well with each other.

Hear me out. During the first half of the game up until you join the homicide division, you get a case find the clues, interrogate people, capture the criminal. This portion of the game is fine you are rewarded for your actions and skill. But after that the story takes a hold of your character not letting you properly control the events that come fourth, and at the same time punishes you for playing the game. When a game backs you into a corner with two wrong options, why bother doing the investigating that the game is known for. The gameplay mechanics sort of take a back seat through the rest of the game. Now I love a game with a good story, but I also find that gaming and story writing do have to go hand in hand when it comes to making games, I'm not saying that a game should always reward the player no matter what the circumstances, but it needs to be done right.

Solid Snake gets captured and tortured, stripped of all his equipment no matter what the player does, but this is a brief moment in a rather long game. In the case of LA Noire it's is a good part, if not half the entire game that makes you feel your actions are doing more harm than good, you honestly feel at some point the game is on rails, and no matter how hard you try there really is no point in trying harder.

This is more evident when my friend who was showing me the game at the time, wasn't looking for every clue once Homicide started, stating it didn't really matter since we would only catch the real guy later.

I would like to know other opinions about this and similar experiences with other games, so if you have any feel free comment.

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I'm not a fan of the MMO formula, I honestly only play Lord of the Rings Online with a few friends I now personally, since I'm not really a people person. I am interested in this game however thanks to for those screenshots. But damn it those kind of trailers do piss me off. This isn't a movie, you are not gonna spoil an MMO if you have at least a few landscapes to show off. Hell even if you want to have a pre rendered scene at least show us a preceding event rather then ambiguous nothingness. Hell even the Skyrim teaser had more info than this one.

Plus I agree with I'd rather much have a co-op campaign experience rather than an MMO.

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Me and my girlfriend are both Persona fans, so when we saw the first TV series and realized it had little to do with the games, we were a little disappointed, yet we enjoyed the little Easter-eggs with in the show referencing the games (persona 3 more than 4 at the time) we got quite far into the show before we lost interest.

However when we heard about a persona 4 TV series we were somewhat hyped and began watching it, but the fast paced rushing through the story and character models looking off were jarring, about 4 or 5 episodes in we gave up on the series and stuck with the game. It could be nit picking, but honestly when the character models look off so much it's almost like they are really looking for that BluRay cash in.

I understand that animating is difficult but what made thing even more jarring is the fact most of these model checks (or lack there of) were frames where characters don't move much, making the errors the focus of attention. It was enough to put me off the series. Persona 4 anime isn't the only one guilty of this sort of thing, many animes have issues exactly like it, but I recall years ago anime had a certain quality that is sort of lacking in today's standards. It's sad to see anime stoop to a low, holding back its quality for a second monetary gain.

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@Cloudenvy: Guilty, but also a little bit more. I was rather surprised to see that I had to post on the forums without the option to pick otherwise, yet it's a system I could gladly get behind. I posted a few blogs and such on the gametrailers user pages, but it always mostly felt like shouting to a large crowd shouting at each other. Incoherently most the time.

When it comes to points of view (not reviews) it's always nice to find others to interact with in subjects that go beyond the typical gaming genera of sociology.

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Oh no, one of these things.

I guess I could always use this to throw in some opinions about games in general rather than specifically.

I doubt anyone would bask in the wonders of my typical day to day life (got up, drank coffee, got bored) so I'll most likely end up using this for gaming rants.

Edit: Well I'm genuinely amazed. This post on a forum feature actually calls attention to a blog post. Had I known beforehand I would have given a more substantial introduction. Still not to late though, might as well have an addendum.

The type of debate I love to get my gob wrapped around are usually of the more philosophical nature, and integrity of the gaming world, be it the users and makers and everything in-between. Along with the occasional nitpick that can get on peoples tits.

Now as it is relatively obvious I am fairly new to this website and am still wrapping my head around its features and looking through the gears, to at least try my best not to stumble any further, I already know I'm giving the wrong impression to a few of you (sorry for that).

But yes still amazed, a blog that actually works.

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@ds8k: Yes that one bothered me also.

I found quite a few plot holes while watching an LP of the game, and some other weird questionable outlandish plot points, such as having the guy know every single universal remote code memorized and turning on every TV across the street. Universal remotes do not work that way.

I worry that to avoid plot holes any character you save in the previous episode will have little to do in later episodes to avoid complicated plot twists, but at the same time, I can imagine the amount of plot holes they will fall into if they make every choice accountable for future instalments.

Or maybe they can pull it off showing Bioware how it is really done.