Bargain Bin: Rockstar's Table Tennis

We're back! Our biggest request was to have video of us playing the games so I figured out a workflow to make it work. The only thing I still have to hash out is the delay from audio. I tried my best to fix it up but it still is kinda wack when you listen with headphones. Otherwise, enjoy us duking it out playing ping pong!

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Bargain Bin: Enslaved

This game was surprisingly good for $10. This is our second last Bargain Bin episode before we take a break for the summer/job hunting. I hope people enjoyed watching the series as much as we did making it. Thanks for watching!

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My short movie! yay!!

Not at all game related but I mentioned in a few posts that I was finishing up my BA in film studies and now I'm on the final stretch which is exams. I'm proud of getting done my final project for video production class which was screened in a packed auditorium amongst pretentious art films. I'm glad to say it killed!!

For those interested take a look. It is definitely not safe for work so be forewarned. Enjoy!

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Bargain Bin: Backyard Sports Rookie Rush

This is the first time we reviewed a kids game and a sports game. We made show history in one episode. I was surprisingly good at this game. Maybe because it was meant for kids. Anyways, once again we filmed 3 games in a row. One of them we had to redo because Cam forget to press record on the video. By the way, Cam presses record on his laptop and I press record on the Zoom mic. So far I have messed up twice and Cam once.

Anyways, enjoy and please leave comments on this post if you want to know about the process or if you have any tips to make the videos better.

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