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DISC unless it's gonna be a game that has a large online focus. I'll probably get Destiny and Driveclub digital just so I can play them without constantly swapping discs in. Linear games I like to get disc so once I'm done with them I can have the space or trade/sell/lend them out.

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Wow the audio on that childish gambino video was impressively bad. Sounded like they were using the built in mic on the camera.

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He's not getting mine.

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I'm glad it all started with Kids in the Hall.

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The show 24 was a massive success in Japan. Kiefer was always doing huge promotional events over there when the season box sets would each get released. Kiefer is a superstar in Japan.

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No one 'cause we'll hate them until they are banished to the east coast.

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I still buy disc. I like having a stack of PS4 games next to my PS3 and PS2 games. I like to see them on the shelf like a movie or book and be reminded of it to pick it up and play again.

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I wonder if preordering games from Futureshop will lock the price in.

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I usually avoid quick looks of games I'm looking forward to play because of possible spoilers. I only watch quick looks of games I don't know anything about.

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The rest of The Wolf Among Us and TWD Season 2.

Also, after being surprised by Black Flag, I'm even more hyped for Watch_Dogs.