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Console FPS NOOB gives thumbs up! 0

If you read my Left 4 Dead review you would already know I'm an old school PC Gamer who went casual for a while (I got a Mac for video editing) and just started to play FPS using a controller. I skipped the whole HALO thing so dual analog sticks was fresh in my hands for aiming guns outside of GTA.  I was lectured by hardcore Xbox fanboy friends that COD4 is the SHIT. It seemed to hardcore for me which turned me off but as the game was released I was itching for a new FPS so decided to hope on t...

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Suda51 is the Japanese Tim Schafer 0

YOU SAVE BY TAKING A SHIT I was a big fan of the style, story and ambition of Suda51's first title on Gamecube and PS2: Killer 7 so I was watching out for this No More Heroes. Keep in mind I thought the gameplay in Killer 7 was ass shat but the story and atmosphere kept me going through the terrible controls like a Double Fine title.  No More Heroes is a throwback to the real freaks. Otaku city, baby. The anti hero story is hilarious and badass. The gameplay is campy as fuck with all the old sch...

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Cold drink to the kidneys. Console FPS man vigor!!! 0

SHAKE DAT BEAR   I used to play a lot of FPS games. I grew up on id classics breaking my mind into PC gaming goodness. PC games were the shit cause of their adult subject matter and badass gameplay.  I was a PC gamer for life.  3dFX and all that Voodoo graphics shit was cool when I was in elementary and high school but once I went to college my broke ass stopped the PC gaming. My wallet couldn't keep up with the technology and I had studying to do SONN!!  I drifted away from the PC to stick to m...

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