Breaking the Backlog: Update

As I said in my last article which you can read here, I have been playing some other games that I feel either do not really warrant a full write up or I simply do not want to give them one. Some of the games on here will get a full write up, and I am going to make a quip about that in the paragraph. So what other games have I been playing you ask? Well if you read on you will find out and find out a little of what I think about them. Then at the end I am going to talk about actual blog stuff, such as a small direction change that I will be making to better accommodate the reader and keep things a lot more interesting.

Game 1: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I am going to be truthful, before purchasing this game I had never played a Monster Hunter game. Not only had I not played any of the games I did not even know they existed until the Monster Hunter Tri came out on the Wii. Even then while I always said that I would get it alas it never happened. Now I have the game, on the 3DS (I got this game on WiiU after the writing of this article and it fixes almost every problem!) and I must say that I really missed the boat. This is a game that whatever you put in is what you will get out and I have had a really good time with it. Being on the 3DS it does come with a loss of graphical fidelity (it still looks really nice) and control problems. The camera is good most of the time but during undersea battles the game can get really hectic. The game is good overall, with some minor annoyances in terms of random difficulty spikes, but all in all it is a good game that would probably be better enjoyed with two thumbsticks. I would still recommend it to anyone out there that has not touched the series and wants to see what all the hype is about.

Game 2: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

I love the Zelda series, and the handheld Zelda games have always been some of my favorites (Links Awakening in particular). When this game and its brother (Oracle of Seasons) came out on the eShop I knew it was time to give them a shot. I decided to start with Ages and then play Seasons afterwards and while it is a good Zelda game I must say it is far from the best. The game has some puzzles that are really hard and come out of nowhere. The game also has some really cryptic things in it as well that while it is not all that strange for this series feel a bit out of place for how the rest of the game kind of holds your hand. Even with all of that it is a fun Zelda game and the time switching mechanics make for a pretty unique handheld Zelda installment. If you have a 3DS and have nothing else to play at the moment. I would recommend picking this title up.

Game 3: Hotline Miami (expect full write up)

… Holy shit. I got this from a friend on Steam for free, knew what it was, did not know how it really was. That is all I have to say about this one, expect a PROPER write up on this one.

Game 4: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (full write up planned)

This is a game that I seriously have no idea why I ever beat. I beat Twilight Princess about four times, when this game I have yet to get through once. While the front portion of the game is awful, especially after playing through it a few times do to machine difficulty, the rest of the game I have really enjoyed. I am currently going through the Water Temple on the way to the first of the three flames, I have gotten past this point before but honestly do not remember how far I got in the past. Even for all the stumbles that it had at the front the game is one of my favorites, and with my new TV it looks damn amazing, with the entire world looking like a watercolor painting. With this being my wind down game every night and playing at least two hours of it a day, this one should be done in the not so distant future.

BLOG NOTICE: While there is more games that I have played in the past while, and some that I have beaten, the games are not the true reason I wrote this blog update. I wrote this update to outline some of the changes that I am going to be making to how these blogs are written. If you have read either of the first two blogs in the series you will see that it was essentially a review of the game. While I think/thought this was a good idea it has came to my attention that these games are old and a lot of people already have them. Really there is no reason for me to do this kind of behavior. I decided to really make this blog a bit more personal and really share what each game means to me. Quality will no longer be the main point of the write-ups instead it will now be how this game has moved or affected me or anything/one else. You can think of these as less of reviews and more like articles/editorials on the games. When we get down to it no one REALLY likes reviews. I hope you like the changes and the first game that is for certain getting this treatment will be Hotline Miami.

Posted by Tireyo

I haven't been a fan of the handheld Zelda games, but I very much do like the "console" Zelda games. Skyward Sword is a fun game, but it has unnecessary problems that robs it of it's value. I honestly liked Twilight Princess better!