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So I recently started playing Neverwinter and started hearing about all the buzz for ArcheAge. Should I switch over because I just want to be in an MMO with the most depth and one that I would enjoy the most. Though I can't find any really quality reviews for ArcheAge as of yet. Thanks

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The walking dead and Bioschock Infinite come to mind right away. I honestly really enjoyed the story of Twilight Princess as well

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I am on here! :D Looking at all this Last of Us stuff makes me really want it, but no PS3, means no game for me...

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The Devil is in the Details.

The more I hear of this game the more I think it should have been an Ace Attorney Investigations game...

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I really can not say that I despise any game genre. Though I do not like modern JRPG's and I bought Xenoblade if that even counts.

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Borderlands 2

I will probably buy the Valve Collection, cause it will be on sale.

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Schindlers List, the fact that at one point it uses "actual film" from the Holocaust makes it even worse.

Apocalypse Now, just a really fucked up movie, and brutally long.

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I love stories regardless of what package they come in. If the story is good I will read, play, watch it or whatever the medium requires. That said I do not read as much as I would like, though I do love to write sometimes and if the book is good I wiz through that thing as fast as possible.

PS: Any examples of your work?

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I used to all the time because my family never updates their technology *sigh*