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I am on here! :D Looking at all this Last of Us stuff makes me really want it, but no PS3, means no game for me...

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The Devil is in the Details.

The more I hear of this game the more I think it should have been an Ace Attorney Investigations game...

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I really can not say that I despise any game genre. Though I do not like modern JRPG's and I bought Xenoblade if that even counts.

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Borderlands 2

I will probably buy the Valve Collection, cause it will be on sale.

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Schindlers List, the fact that at one point it uses "actual film" from the Holocaust makes it even worse.

Apocalypse Now, just a really fucked up movie, and brutally long.

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I love stories regardless of what package they come in. If the story is good I will read, play, watch it or whatever the medium requires. That said I do not read as much as I would like, though I do love to write sometimes and if the book is good I wiz through that thing as fast as possible.

PS: Any examples of your work?

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I used to all the time because my family never updates their technology *sigh*

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DOTA 2. Wait for the Steam Summer sale.

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Zombies are not the problem. Well unless we are talking fast movers, then you are fucked (Left 4 Dead, prime example). The real problem is people loosing their shit. Start killing eachother, and generally turning into monsters themselves. Try to survive on your own, and then the only person that can betray you... is yourself. </deep>