F***ing DOTA 2. Come on and let me play. -Rant.

Right. Look here.

I've been patient, and sadly, I check steam everyday but really I think I'm at the end of my tether. Where is the seven realms of bloody mordor/halflife parallel universes is DOTA2 for mac? I've watched games online I've checked to see if indeed it was built in the Source engine (it is!) and I've waited. I've waited and I've checked and I've waited.

But it's still 'not available on your platform', despite me having a beta key, and the means to set up my old PC to run the damn thing. I've got to a point of extreme stubbonness. I suppose I should be used to this by now, but hey, I guess I will never really learn. Valve move at the speed of frozen black pitch (google that it's fascinating).

Now, I know, I should have expected it, and I know I can install windows on my mac -I just don't want to for ONE game. It's such a waste of hard-disk space and my time. I know there are solutions to this and that I could work SOMETHING out with wine wrappers and such. Quite frankly I just can't be fucked.

I'm just excited enough about DOTA2 to care that I can't play it on my macbook (which is the most powerful PC-like thing I have), but not enough to: buy a new pc, put my old one back together since I moved, install windows on my mac or even contact valve directly.

The only thing I can be bothered to do is complain about it on the internet. Here on this blog I've not updated since a very disappointing Microsoft press conference of 2011. FAIL.

The weird thing I can't shake is that valve could be making money out of me, because at this point I'm actually desperate enough I'd buy a hat just to play it.



Microsofts Keynote E3 2011 I blogged about it. How fun.

The following is a disjointed commentry I wrote while watching the Microsoft e3 keynote, it has no flow you have been warned. :D

Ok so this has already started badly, the stream only works in silverlight, sigh. The UK stream link is broken and I had to force the US one to watch the stream at all (double sigh). But I'm now listening to the crap music with whispers of a song containing the words 'control it like you used to'. Games for gamers? we may see hmmm.

Seems to be starting [9.25]

New slide comes up and says that xbox360 is about me. Hoorah, I love me, I'm great. Show still hasn't started yet but that's nice, also some of the stuff being shown has not been rated yet, lets just hope that unlike most stuff announced resonantly it comes out this year (talking to you starcraft!!!).

[9.29] shot change it seems that indeed we can see that the stream is full of people. Also take your digitals seats it's about to begin.. Yay?

[9.30] Music got a tad more epic, like a battle is about to ensue or everyone is meant to be in slow motion, people aren't, normal speed mostly; a tad disapointing.

[9.31] Starts. With Mw3. Please reconnect controller pops up on the screen where would we be without a keynote witha technical hitch?

Mw3, underwater radar? Mines, submarine hijack. It's another Mw3, the proof will be in the playing I'm not confident that Modern Warefare has much left in it in a singleplayer focus.

[9.40] But we move on to Tomb Raider. Have to say, after watching that demo of the game I'm quite impressed, turning Tomb Raider into an Alan wake/survival horror/adventure game. Looks fun. I liked what I saw when I saw the trailer which I now think may be closer to how it's going to look and play than I thought.

After the EA Sports bit (snore) I actually screamed out-loud when I saw Commander Shepard. I'm a massive Mass Effect nut I have 100% both ME1 & ME2 plus I'm a little bit through the third (?) book, I love that universe and really hope it doesn't end at ME3. Nice to see the little new things they're doing with Mass effect 3, the melee attacks, and the voice control for battle and talking/making choices -even if it is a little gimicky. Seeing liara and Garrus back makes me very happy. That game couldn't get here any quicker. Can't believe we have to wait till next year. >:(

Ghost Recon: Future solider looks pretty cool. I think that might be my new FPS, but apart from that I'm really liking where Kinect is going I like how Microsoft is getting the idea that it's not fun to have minigame collections. I have a wii for that. But gunsmith, by Ubisoft looks really good fun. Finally my xbox will be voice activated.

It's all starting to feel like Minority Report, which is VERY exciting.

Dashboard update with Kinect? Ooooh... I like that there is now more screen real-estate for my content and stuff, I love how xbox makes me feel like I have a new console every year-ish. But, Awww coming in fall? YAWN.

On a side note to all this Kinect stuff, I think now it might be the time for me to get one, I think that perhaps just before Ghost recon comes out might be the time for me. *checks bank balance*

More sports stuff, not really my scene. MMA

ICE-T playing Gears 3 with Cliffy B? Epic. Literally. Nice to see it have a bit of a faster pace, Gears For me has kind of lost its appeal. Might play it but it's not going to be a day one purchace, I've never enjoyed how most enemies take way more bullets than you do, which seems kinda unfair.

Ryse? -you are the controller how tired will I get playing that? What was with the dog?

Halo? the first one, AGAIN! (yay?) I suppose this would be kinda cool, terrible thing to say but i'm only going to play it if it has points, if it doesn't then I really don't need to play through that again.

Forza, not really my thing but it does look cool.

Lionhead, ANOTHER fable, better be better than Fable 3. That wasn't good. A Kinect Fable, with no explanation, oh dear... But if it's all first person like that I don't think I'll be able to stomach it. The gesture magic looks pretty cool but I hope it has some depth, it's the thing for me that's been lacking in Lionhead games for a while, the team seems to concentrate on the gimmick and forget about the gameplay, fable 3 was really bad on this point especially.

Minecraft on xbox in winter, with kinect? errrrr.... ok. guess I'll try it?

Disneyland on kinect? FISTBUMP! <--- good money goes toward this become a meme.

Kinect STARWARS! Ok so we all waited for this and it's here, it's was janky in the demo, so I look forward to it only quite working but I really want to try.

DOUBLE FINE! It's a sesame street, looks like fun, if i was a kid. But sesame street is awesome. Good to see Tim S strutting his stuff (is that the only thing he's showing at e3? awww sadface)

Kinect update, Kinect me, Kinect finger-tracking, Object tracking? oooh... Fun daft things to do with your kinect while you wait for the kettle to boil. If this stuff isn't free it is full of fail.

Kinect sports season 2, if I get a big job this will be bought for the christmas family time. I'd love to see my dad try and play this, he'd prob beat me.

Those football actors were amazing. literally amazing. Matt Kesler is right, I want them to play it all the time, on loop.

Dance central 2? Cool! Dance central in the last generation of Kinect games was often called out for the expert way they dealt with menus, I'm kinda sad they didn't show the menu at the conferance, but multiple players dancing at once shows that Microsoft are really expanding the software library on the Kinect.

New triliogy? oh Halo 4. Cool. That could be quite cool, without bungie it might actually evolve. Ironically.

That's my semi-live blog about the Microsoft Conferance. might do one later for ea, who knows. Was quite good no? And hey NO BORING NUMBERS! win? I think so.



Dry Spell

So life is right now. 
So I'm having abit of a gaming dry spell at the moment. For the longest time I was playing games to fill the time and not going outside, playing ANYTHING just for points or the "I've played that and thought it was good/crap/influential/omgithinkipeedmyselfalittlehowamazingwasthatbitwithtehthingintheplacewiththepeople".  ABout 3/4 weeks ago it suddenly dawned on me that I only really enjoy a fraction of what I play. So I'm making a resolution, only play what I want to. Only things that I genuinely want to play will enter my diskdrive/digital locker.  
There isn't much I'm that exited about out at the moment so I'm going to save the money and wait for stuff I actually want to play. If you have life, friends and a job/career to work on and games is getting in the way don;t give up food or sleep to keep your gaming addiction alive. I almost lost all three I'll work my way back to a healthy level of ply until then, I'm in a Dry Spell.


Mass Effect how did it End for you? *Spoilers* (duh)

Well here are the basics: 
 I Knocked Boots With...

Miranda. I liked the troubled thoughts and how much she  
cared for her sister who barely knew her. Plus, you know, she has a nice bum

I'll Mourn The Passing Of...

No one. No one died.  
A true hero makes sure we all get out alive.

Can We Keep It?

Blew it sky high with the  
help of miranda telling TIM to GFHS

Did I Make It?

Hell yeah. Epic leap onto the ship and all.

And The Illusive Man?

GTFO. No seriously you won't tell me what's  
up with the sun behind you? Well then GTFO.  

What Happens Next?

Cuddled with Miranda,  
Talked to Legion,  
did some side quests and  
started playthrough 2 on insanity... oh dear wish me luck.    

Dead Space Special Edition

This is what I wrote on the facebook page for dead space as they are asking what people want in a special edition: 

" a puzzle box that references the marker, inside the box is a code or secret that you can only get if you workout how to open the box. A trinket of the Ishimura or the Marker if you will. Just so long as it has a similar design to the suits in the first game. That really stems from the thing i liked most about dead space the world it inhabited. Something that make that world deeper and richer. I Prefer uniqueness in my collectors editions. eg the bioshock one has a vinyl LP in it.  Above all PLEASE make it interesting. A figurine/gun replica is boring I can get one of those at the comic book store. This needs to be special. "

 I don't want a figurine. Simple as, the special edition I like the most was the Fallout LUNCHBOX special edition. It had a Fallout boy Bobble head and it all came in a genuine metal fallout lunchbox. The figurine wasn't my cup of tea. Agree? disagree? 
Quite frankly I'm getting Dead Space 2, if only to see if they fuck it up. I LOVED the first one and if it's good will be getting the sp ed of this necromorphic joy.

BEAT British Fanfare: Interviews Seraphim2150

....this shit will save you cash.

A Interview podcast you say? Yep it’s the debut of the “BeatBritish Fanfare Show” interviewing the Average gamer on the street and on the web. Yes indeedy,  this time I interview Seraphim2150 (Michael). We talk about gaming on a Budget, Steam, Getting games for Free, Gaming in Leeds and Age Ratings (the PEGI problem). 
Other than that the games in discussion are: Fallout 3, Jak and Daxter, Bioshock, Half Life 2, CoD4, MAG and CoD:WaW.


If you’d like to be Interviewed on the BeatBritish Fanfare, send an email to: theguys@beatbritish.co.uk and tell us why you should be interviewed (any attachments will be deleted - if you want to be creative post it on youtube or your own site).

Any comments post on the site (it’s free) or send us an email: theguys@beatbritish.co.ukAs always if you are viewing this from somewhere else, go to the website www.beatbritish.co.uk and subscribe to the itunes feed or listen to our podcast right here on the site.

Blog can be found here


BEAT British 57: Warzone Gaming


Hey Podcast Anyone?

Jeremy prob has access to REAL Night Vision goggles....

This week we are joined by Jeremy as well as Alex. Jeremy after spending time in a warzone has been playing games to pass the time and we talk to him about what games he played. This week the games in discussion includes: Planescape Torment, The Witcher, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2, Startopia, Wii Sports: Resort, Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, Plants vs Zombies, Modern Warefare 2, Call of Duty: WaW, Mercenaries 2, Starcraft 2, Blaz Blue, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, MAG, APB, Assassins Creed 2, the Next NXE (can we get a better name for this now? Err XE?), Fat Princess, Prototype, RROD, Zoo Keeper and iPhone gaming.

Any comments post on the site (it’s free) or send us an email: theguys@beatbritish.co.uk

As always if you are viewing this from somewhere else, go to the website www.beatbritish.co.uk and subscribe to the itunes feed or listen to our podcast right there on the site.


 the blog post can be found here

BEAT British 56: Summer LOOMs

Hello there Peeps!

Of course there's a dog. this game is made by Peter M.
So another podcast, this week we talk about Red Faction: Guerrilla, Mercenaries 2, LOOM, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Prototype, Battlefield 1943, Zeno Clash, Trine, Brutal Legend, Ever 17, Mass Effect Galaxy, Peggle, Tales of Vesperia (not much tho so don't worry), Milo and Kate, PaRappa The Rapper, Space Channel Five, Eddy likes some achievements (oh my god the world is ending!!!), Championship Manager, Rockband 2, CoD:WaW and Glitching bastards (you know who you are…grrrr).
this guy? He aint got nothing on me...

Just for the record, after this podcast I got the Flawless Fretwork achievement in Rockband 2. Go me. Yay.

Alex again graces the airwaves. Girl on the podcast!

Any comments post on the site (it’s free) or send us an email: theguys@beatbritish.co.uk

As always if you are viewing this from somewhere else, go to the website www.beatbritish.co.uk and subscribe to the itunes feed or listen to our podcast right here on the site.


A link to the original Blog post can be found here


Info about the next xbox experience! (Fall update)

So a post on engadget has all the info on the next update to the dashboard.


"What does this Xbox LIVE Update not include?

The following features will be coming in future Xbox LIVE updates, which we'll be sure to let you know about.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Zune video and 1080p Instant On
  • Last.fm"

    Yeah, the thing that a lot of people are waiting for, I know i want Last.fm for sure and i kinda want it now.

    Any thoughts?

Just for the record this post has NOTHING to do with Hamburgers. AT ALL. :P