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It would be great to be able to subscribe on the Xbox, get a notification when they go live on my TV. I'd LOVE that.

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Does anyone know how to get the giantbomb streams on the twitch app on xbox one, is this something that the crew turned off (or have to turn on? I really want to watch it that way and have the chat on my lap.

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Hey Giantbombers,

Very off-topic but I'm looking for a thinner but still classic looking wallet for about $50-$70, I want it to be durable and smart. Any suggestions?

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Hello fellow bombers. I (and I imagine quite a few people) are in need of good turnip prices. I tried posting in another thread but got nothing, so a fresh thread for a last saturday before the turnips spoil. I'll keep an eye on this thread most of today, (UK time) and pass it on to another and the night and timezones converge.

I have turnips selling for 119 in my town, if anyone wants to bite till 11.59 GMT (I'll check again at tweleve. I'd like to hold out for more, but I have to leave wifi at 16.00 GMT.

4313-0670-4693 (BinaryDragon) - 119 PT (Per Turnip)

PM me if you add me, and I'll try and keep this edited with friend codes and such.

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if anyone is around, I'm still stuck with turnips, I need 200 or more but will settle tomorrow for anything above 120.

if you are going to add me here is my FC: 4313-0670-4693

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I'm looking for somewhere to sell turnips, I'm having a TERRIBLE week with prices. Help!

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My heart goes out to all the giantbomb crew and all Ryan's friends and family. You will be missed, you were part of my daily routine and I hope that in the least that you passed in a way without pain or prolonged suffering. You were too young and too much of a gem to pass so soon.

I say it again, you will be missed.

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you all know it was more a rant about my inability to actually do any of the options rather than wait for it to come out and complain about how long it takes right? That's kind of the whole ridiculous point of the blog post. Being utterly stupid.

We all do it complain about something on the internet for the sake of complaining. it's not even trolling it's actually worse. It's just plain LAZY.

For the record I don't want to boot in parallels because that is too much hard disk space for ONE game (I did actually state this, tl;dr is fine but best not to comment.) Plus wine it seems is far too unstable.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Test version is available for mac, so it's safe to assume it will be out for mac soon.

where is this test version? how do i get my hands on it? and where do I sacrifice the goat?

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@Ravenlight said:

Seems odd to rage against a game that's still in beta. Seems even more odd to get angry that it's not available on Mac. That's like being pissed that the Wii U Mario game isn't available on PS3.

Not when they've stated that it's coming to Mac. It's nothing like a wii U game on the PS3, that is highly improbable and nintendo would do that and they have not announced it's coming to any other non nintendo device. In fact it's nothing like at at all. you need a better analogy.