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Oh Shadow Complex, how can you be this good? 0

 Ok. So I got a little too exited about Shadow Complex. I also initially thought it was going to be bunk. Lets face it Gears 2 didn’t have the same spark as gears 1 and undertow wasn’t one of the most popular games on XBLA until it was given away for free after xbox live didn’t work over an entire christmas period. Thanks for that Microsoft, seriously. Christmas (but I digress). I was skeptical during E3, I was skeptical when news came out about it, I was pretty much skeptical until about a week...

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Fallout 3, thank god I wasn't disapointed. 0

Fallout 3. Fallout 1 and 2 were possibly two of the greatest games ever to grace my keyboard. They were funny, immersive, fun to play and had great voice acting. So when it was announced that Bethesda software, makers of the acclaimed ‘Oblivion’  (a game I thought was rubbish –first person melee? Pffff , Pass), Lets just say I wasn’t jumping for joy. But I’m an open minded kind of guy. So I reserved judgement. Fallout 3 starts your character from birth, to the point where you witness your own b...

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Dead Space where even a soft whisper can make you pee yourself... 1

Dead Space is a Space Survival game set on the planet cracking Spaceship the USG Ishimura. Firstly before I start anything. This is an original IP from EA. A trend I really like. Yes, now it’s a success, there is the possibility that EA will suck the innovative life out of it’s unique qualities, this hasn’t happened yet. But we’re not here to talk about what could be with the Dead Space universe. We are here to talk about Dead Space as it is now, so lets get on with it.Let me get the point of th...

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Too big, too confused. Just not good enough. 3

Master of Orion 3 (sometimes referred to as MOO3) is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Master of Orion 2 (often referred to as MOO2), which must to its testament is still played today. Master of Orion 2 is still on my hard drive, I do in fact have two copies (I encourage you to read my review of MOO2 which can be found on the Master of Orion 2 page, but I digress). The main problem with Master of Orion 3 is that it suffers from being too big for its shoes. The game is vast; a small galaxy is, ...

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If you don't own it already, you're mad 0

For those of you who have never heard of MOO2, it is a game where you play the emperor of a space empire that starts small and you have to build it and defend your worlds, and become the greatest empire in the galaxy. However unlike some games, it’s not needlessly complicated. It all starts with the race selection screen where you can choose to do what you like, pick a race based on your play style…or create your own race (a feature I much prefer). Hidden under the visual facade of the 16 bit gr...

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