I really tried to like this "The Strokes." I really tried!

As someone who has loved the The Strokes for a while, it pains me to finally say it. This album is ridiculous. Ri-dic-cu-lous. I found the strong and almost smokey sound of the first two albums to be incredibly tough, yet still inviting. While the third album First Impressions of Earth, was defiantly something new it still had that same great The Strokes taste. Just with new packaging. And I get bands can try new stuff, just look at Radiohead! They built themselves around never sounding the same for two whole albums-Kid A and Amnesiac aside. But this album "Angels" just. It kills me right here *points to mid-section*.  
I'll try some more, just because deep down inside...I STILL LOVE YOU!!!! And I guess all of Australia can't be wrong..


Anyone find it weird how TES V is being pushed to the back burner

I'm mostly just comparing this to Uncharted 3 ME3 and B:AC. For instance dure the VGA's the audience was sorta dead during the TES V unvailment but really exstatic for those three games mentionted. Kotaku had the game announcements and said thing about Uncharted 3 and B:AC being their most anticipated games of 2011. And it Epic Battle Axe a user poll put TES V 3rd in most anticipated games of 2011. 
Does anyone find this odd? I geuss I understand Uncharted as it has a much wider audience in appeal but at the same time is restricted to single console. B:AC turned heads with it's grand debut but being more anticipated than TES V? Seriously? That sorta baffles me. Finally there is ME3. I really like the ME series. I've beaten Mass Effect 1 five times and I'm currently playing ME 2 again. But I really believe it is only garnering this much excitement is because ME 2 just cane out LAST YEAR.  And many people (Me being one of them) wanna know what the fuck is up with those Reapers!?  
Anyways I know I may have just answered my own question, but I wanna ask you. Do you think Skyrim is getting what it deserves?   Can I hear your opinions on this general and silly subject. 
I realise this is actually quite a silly subject, but it's late and I wanted to type up just these things that I've noticed.      

Trade them in. Or save it. And why?

I've been a bit short on cash as of late. And I've though "Hey! Why don't I trade in some of those games I don't play?" 
SO I looked around at some games and this is what I choose. 
-Final Fantasy XIII 
-Resident Evil 5  
-Prototype (!!!) 
I was wondering, how could it come to this!? I wanted all these games a lot and now I'm going to trade them in for credit! I felt so excited while play most of them *cough* Final Fantasy XIII and Prototype*uncough*. They all got good reviews. But I geuss It just goes to show how little we know our games before we play them.I really need  to rent more I geuss.  
But now here is my true problem. Should I trade them in? Or do you think something might happen to spark my interest in them again. I know this is a really general, dum, open question. But I wanted to know you're thoughts. 

My whole Ghost Gaz problem

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine and we brought up Mpodern Warfare 2 ( doesn't everyone ) and he said to me. 
"Ghost. He is SUCH a badass!"

I've heard that sentence more then once from many differnent people and I wish to ask the question. Why? 
is it because he sounds like Gaz? Gaz I found was a character that I LOVED. He was humours and voiced by a good voice actor. And when I think of why I liked him I remeber the 
"You're fruit killing skills are remarkable!" line. Or in one level where he opens up a fence, pulls on it too hard and falls over. Comedic relief in a serious war game. 
SO when people say that Ghost was a badass. I try and remeber anything in the game that made me  laugh or go "Wow!"..... 
But nothing. Is it because I had too high expectations because he is voiced by the same guy as Gaz?  Or is it that he just isn't that awesome and everyone is just blinded by him being voiced by Gaz? 
Anyways if you though Ghost was a badass say why and maybe I'll come around to it to. 
        Good day all


Fallout 1?Fallout 2?Good Old Games?Torrent?So many hard questions

So I've never played Fallout 1 or 2 (I was a JRPG fan during the 90's) but I LOVED Fallout 3. So lately I've been wanting to pick up the earlier Fallout's......But I've been contemplating some things.. Which one should I get Fallout 1 or 2. 
But truly hardest question I've been faced with is.... Should I even pay for them?? Yes, yes I know what your thinking "Of course you should pay for them and help then Developers!!" But.......I find it so hard not to just think of Torrenting them. I've paid for ALL my games, I mean all. I PAID FOR PROTOTYPE!!!!!  

I think I get a freebie :)