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Weird. I remember when they pretty much bought Big Huge Games. Don't know how or who would fund them now considering what has happened. Maybe they will do a Kickstarter? That's the only thing I can think of with allowing them to keep the name/logo. If there was any value there with the team, they would have sold it or the team itself would have gone independent. Also because they were working on an existing IP, they can't really show a game that is ready to go.

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@endaround: Totally agree. Although the new Crytek news is promising. Much of what the sale was seems to be what games would be the quickest to do. It is possible that that asking price for Vigil and Darksiders was just too high.

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@BSw: 1. New Consoles, opportunity for a new direction.

2. Disney is a large media company that has yet to run a successful videogame company. EA would be more of a larger multimedia acquisition.

3. Disney would own all of EA's IP. While not as popular as Star Wars or Marvel, it does have value. Movies, TV, Books, Comics, Licensing, etc.

4. Origin. While it is not as popular as Steam, Origin could be a portal for Disney to deliver games, tv and movies.

5. Publishing, Disney/EA would become one of the strongest publishers out there. Disney loves to own something rather than pay a company to do something. There is a strong possibility that Disney will be buying Hasbro for the same reasons. They want to make their own toys. 100% of all profits.

6. EA's value is not what it was 5 years ago. They are strong but not as strong. Would benefit from Disney in just a PR notion.

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Good news for them. I could see Crytek picking up Darksiders also. Seems like an IP that could work for an MMO style game. The art style always reminded me of a sort of WOW sort of thing. Gameplay wise it would be great having a MMO in that Zelda style. Crytek has quietly been building itself up in the past few years.

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Well said. The Vigil thing is still weird to me. I really thought we would see more bids on stuff, especially from Square Enix and WB Games. Square Enix have done a great job from what they purchased in Edios. WB Games (along with WB), could have bought studios and IP and basically free rights to make movies/tv/comics for. I was also expecting Disney to make a splash, considering they are pushing into this area. They were completely silent. I just have a strong feeling that they want EA. It won't be a deal where they are saving the company but more like a merger like Marvel and Lucasfilms.

I won't be totally surprised if we do see a Disney/EA deal before the end of the year.

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Really surprised about Vigil and Darksiders. Even if the last game didn't sell how they would have wanted, felt that there was a pretty good multimedia franchise established. Sucks, considering that the games they made were pretty good. No bids just seem odd. Maybe some key staff members have already left? I wonder now if someone buys THQ if they would get that IP too.

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I really thing Square Enix would have been a good fit and would have helped mold that company into the next sort of Rockstar. They are really good at promoting western games now, even better than it's own Japanese games. Interesting but hope that there are no layoffs especially around the holidays.

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I am surprised it got on Steam period.

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I really love using grid view for all my games. I was just putting them on my custom desktop but this is just as good and at least shows what I am playing even if it is not a Steam game. I do think there are some possibilities with better views or maybe a combination with the list for an easy search. It does lag when I scroll threw all my games but still pretty cool. I just have too many games to have the grids too big.

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Looks pretty cool. I think breaking up the story with these characters will keep it moving along and make it more fun. They may have taken some feedback when compared to Saint's Row with having missions seem bigger.