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Still happening for me too. Currently downloading the dan and alex pax video at 30 - 40 kb/s, but this happens with every video and the live streams too. Always between some point in the late evening til sometime after midnight for me.

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Same problem here in the evenings, in Ireland, with eircom.

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Welcome duders.

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Of course they're all dumb as shit.

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@patrickklepek: Good timing on the screenshot of Antoine's twitter feed. 3,333 tweets!

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Drop a dung pie on it.

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Added a couple dudes on here. My PSN is Binman-88 if anyone wants to add me. Mostly just for times like others, but will probably be interested in multiplayer in the future. The old GT5 race nights were awesome, and had a really good run there for a while with a good turn out week in week out.

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Yeah man, this is truly awful. I feel terrible for all he's left behind and what he won't get to experience. 34 is too fucking young to die. Dude was living an awesome life and deserved a happy future.

The only consolation for anyone grieving his loss is that time really does significantly help us to move on from shit like this. It'll never be the same, but the anger and feeling of hopelessness will fade with time. Just sucks getting to that point.

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Keighley got some Dorito's dust in his eyes?

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What would compel MS to lower prices in a market where only they sell the games available for their platform? Steam has a lot of competition.