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I'm happy to report that the issue is fixed!

No more free games cluttering everything up.

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I wanted to let you all know that the Steam API is buggy, which directly affects my website.

In short, the switch to only grab free games that the user has played does not work and it returns every single free games & demo available, which clutters up your profile with demos and other games you likely have 0 interest in ever playing.

I made a post on the Steam Discussions, as I was unable to find any support for the API but I doubt I'll find any help there. I might make a ticket in their support system, though that seems more billing and less dev oriented..

The whole parameter regarding free games is busted, so I can't even disable free games alltogether.

So ... I am aware, and it sucks. Sorry guys. I hope Steam fixes the issue soon.

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@crusader8463: If you have any suggestions how i can make it more intuitive, I'm always looking for suggestions :)

Btw, if the site reacts slow it's likely the steam servers..they tend to get a bit.. slow during the sale haha.

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@rjayb89: Hey, thank you so much for letting me know. It's back up!

Super sorry about that! No job yet unfortunately, but i've been spending the weekend playing games like crazy ( I blame coop games and the steam sale... dat brave new world ), so I havn't checked my site in the last 2 days.

Either way, apache2 webserver had stopped working and just needed a restart ( happens sometimes ... ). If it goes down again just post here, with a name callout and i'll get right on it!

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So I've been playing this game a fair bit. I'm near the end of the main story and I've gotten my feet wet in BBI ( I went through BBI until I encountered a cockatrice which debuffed me with a "hey you gonna die" debuff. At which point I ferried the fuck outta there and rested, as I had no curative items for that status. )

I'll keep this really brief, I love the game but some quests are a bit annoying. The escort duty quest actually made me not play for 2 days. ( I was procrastinating. On a video game. That's bad. ) But I finally got over it and I'm excited to continue playing now. I'll prolly finish off the main story before returning to BBI.

I find the game a tad too easy though. My storage is filled to the brim with restorative items, combat is mostly unchallenging even though I've been playing like a reckless fool ( I killed a chimera at level 10 and I've even killed the drake a couple of times ). I should add that I havn't been min-maxing and I havn't been using any OP pawns.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing more and I'm excited for the challenge that BBI will hopefully bring to the table.

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@audiobusting: I'm not planning on stopping the site anytime soon, I actually have another exciting update planned, which I hope to finish next week-ish. :)

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@zfubarz: Glad you like it! And egads, I forgot to mention probably the most important thing: If you click on the stats screen, you now get a summary of the amount of games you have and the amount of time you've spent playing them.

This account has 432 games ( not counting DLC ), and has spent 141 Days 11:03 playing them.

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Big update released!

  • Each user now has their own unique URL based on their Steam ID 64. For example, mine is
  • Social media bar will now share your own unique URL, so friends that click your tweet / FB message will be taken to your profile.
  • Guest viewing! Now you can view the profile of your friends / random internet strangers. A option is provided in the settings menu to disable guest viewing of your account.
  • Search for your friends / random internet strangers with the provided search box. You can search by custom ID ( the one you chose for your vanity URL ) or by Steam ID 64 ( view someones profile, right click and select copy URL, paste it somewhere and look for the big number )
  • Keep your "to beat" list organized by drag & drop swapping games.
  • Couple of bug fixes; "Is your profile set to private" should show up once again

Let me know if you run into any bugs or problems and please let me know what you think!

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@kindx: @shuareborn: @y2ken: @inkerman: The unmark a game as beaten update is now live. Please let me know if you find any bugs with it!

I've also added a small social media / sharing bar at the bottom of the page. It can be disabled via the settings if you don't like or use social media. Personally, I don't use it, so I'm not quite sure if it works. If anyone could test it and let me know if it works or not, that'd be awesome.

I'm also working on 2 really awesome features which I'll try to release soon(tm).

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An amazing site I really like it looks sleek and just does what it supposed to. Enables me to start up games through the site also which is awesome!

How is the ability to remove games that have been beaten going?

That will still take a bit. I got comissioned to do a small project which I just now finished and I've had a bad craving to play Dragon's Dogma: DA.... but it will be implemented, promise.