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This game is looking pretty wicked.  I'm looking forward to its completion

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@RichardLOlson: According to Joystiq it comes out tomorrow
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@MysteriousBob: I tend to get a pretty bad Migraine when I watch 3D movies.  And that's only for a couple of hours.  I think my head would explode if I played it like that for about 4 or 5.
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@eroticfishcake:  sorry for the confusion,  I played the original from gamefly and I was planning on buying it until I heard of the Game of the Year Edition.  Hope that clears it up.
Thanks Jack268 for the info.  I wonder if the 3d will make the game play any different.  I doubt that it would and its really just for show.  I'll probably only use it once just to see what its like
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Hey everyone I'm thinking of getting the Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition.  I loved the game when it came out and planned on buying it until I heard of the Game of the Year Edition.  Does anyone know what comes with it.  I imagine it will come with all the pre-order maps and probably a few new ones but that's all I can think will come in it.  If anyone knows of anything else I might have missed let me know.

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Thanks for the input guys.  I got it this afternoon and haven't been able to put it down since.  I especially like the replay mode.

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I'm looking into getting Super Street Fighter IV,  it looks very appealing and I loved the first one.  The only thing I hated was unlocking all of the characters because I'm not the best and couldn't get them all.  So this is looking very appealing in my eyes right now just for that.  
Plus they brought back the car bashing mini game.  My favorite from the SNES days.  Let me know what you guys think

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yeah that's the one major part. its very strange that it  ended up that way

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Has anyone been having audio glitches in he DLC Packs.  I've been having missing dialog and sound effects when I play it.  I'm just curious if its my machine doing it or if anyone else has been having similar problems

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Has anyone been having problems with audio glitches, sound and voice over not playing when they should?