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Should I be pushing my guys till they die in a dungeon or should I try my hardest to just keep them all alive the best I can? Like I know if I try to go for that last room I'll lose either all of them or 2 or 3, should I just leave the dungeon or should I just let them try and die.

What's the most efficient?

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just wanted to drop these links for people who might not know about them but like dem streams yo'

Gaming Live, it's in alpha

HitBox, been around for a little longer

Both these are some newer streaming services and some promising places.


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it doesn't change anything. It just increases all the prices around it so nothing actually changes. It may help a few more things but companies will also wanna profit from this and they ones that have staff at minimum wage have to make a higher profit than what they're using up. Though I heard some state wanted to raise theirs to $15 an hour das just crazy.

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aww man! This is awesome, but I feel like Jeff needs one more cool guy around the office, I feel like it's hard to host anything with always asleep brad.

Drew is cool doe, and roar-dog.

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man, scrolled down and saw Legend of Lagaia picture.

Had to stop by and support love of this game, DUH-ANG, such good times.

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Hey all! Throwing my friend code in there if anyones still looking for more bravely default buddies.


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I'm sorry I haven't played vagrant story, I've been meaning to though, I've played some xenogears and like it.

but as a purely just opinion based medium as entertainment is, some of my fondest memories I have is with Chrono Cross, it was a good jam and fanciful and just a jolly time that I had with it.

but they're all three a good jam. 2 hand, if I may say so.