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@joshwent: I'm simply expressing my distaste for the content Patrick puts on the site, just as he posts his immensely biased opinions on a regular basis, I'll occasionally pop in and share my own opinions. He regularly criticizes others for their actions, why can't I criticize him for his?

I'm not harassing him, calling him names or attacking him in some ridiculous childish way so I fail to see the problem. He'll write me off like he writes off everyone else so what does it matter.

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@hailinel: Because he's participating in what has become a massive phenomenon across the internet? Because Giantbomb only passively commented on moral subjects in the past but since Patrick has joined the staff the site has fairly regularly commented on some horrible thing someone did or some matter of race of sexism or homophobia or the gender roles in video games etc. I have heard Brad on numerous occasions comment on gender roles when Patrick wasn't even involved, I've been on the site since like the year after it began or something and I can't recall a time when Brad talked about gender roles, but Patrick came along, now Jeff talks about it, Brad talks about it, Brad has even stifled Vinny's jokes on multiple occasions because of this sort of hypersensitive bullshit. It's absolutely not all Patrick's fault, but when the shit he posts is the only piece of content uploaded to the site on Mondays and two of the three pieces of content we get on Fridays, it rather ticks me off that this is the type of shit he posts or talks about in the other things he posts, so much so that I have come to avoid everything with Patrick in it because I have heard enough of these matters and I do not feel Patrick or anyone on this site properly represents any of the people involved in happenings of sexism or racism or homophobia or anything and I tire oh so much of hearing Patrick's silly shpeals.

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@video_game_king: It's everyone's right to talk about whatever they please, but it seems rather ridiculous for the Giantbomb staffers to fairly often say when talking about these types of issues that they are just simple white men and then go right back on to working in their all white male environment while Patrick the all white american male continues to use Worth Reading as a means to try and spread diversity, I mean you can't tell me it's simply coincidence that most of this article is composed of links to other articles written by women or about sexism or in this week's case about race. In fact it seems to me that most of these articles tend to carry the same bias, if it's not articles written by women it's articles written by men about sexism or some sort of moral issue.

Not only is this type of stuff in hard contrast with every other piece of content that is uploaded to this website, but it seems rather idiotic to continue on pretending that this whole site's staff isn't just further perpetuating the male white gamer stereotype by having a staff of all white males constantly saying the exact same things when it comes to any matter or race, sex or moral matters.

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@video_game_king: Patrick, Jeff and Brad have all said on numerous occasions themselves, they're just white males so what do they know. Patrick talks about diversity on a regular basis and subjects relating to diversity yet the entire Giantbomb staff is white men.

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@danm_999: I wasn't talking about the articles featured in this post, I'm talking about Patrick's worth reading article he posts every Friday, this thing we're all commenting on. I have nothing against women writing articles. Patrick is basically here to talk about indie games and "intellectual" shit like racism and sexism and moral issues, when you know maybe Giantbomb could hire an actual woman and have someone who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to these subjects in place of Patrick the pseudo intellectual judo master.

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I just finished it as well and also felt nothing for the story, I also had trouble with the controls to the point where I had to play the whole game with the blue brother on the left side of the screen and the orange on the right, every time they switched sides I got confused and screwed something up. The story was about as typical as it could have been so I don't see why Brad is so up it's butt. I liked the two trolls, I liked the giant's battle scene and some of the other areas in the game were really cool and/or grim in a really good way.

But yeah as a puzzle game it was blah, as a narrative it was blah and as a world it was pretty cool in spots. But then again I played it because everyone raved about it so that may have sullied my view a bit, but I don't think so because I also played Gone Home for the same reason and adored it, and Dear Esther.

I think not liking the game is fine. Parts of it are really neat (that camera AI is really good!), but it's nothing amazing. I think the fact that it's kinda hard for some people to come up with 10 better games says more about the other games that came out this year.

10 Better games?

ArmA 3

Bioshock Infinite


Ni No Kuni

Metal Gear Rising

Tomb Raider

Starcraft HOTS

Metro Last Light

Saints Row IV


I liked all of those far more than the time spent with Brothers.