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Wizard's (D:)

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It keeps telling me the key expired, I asume it because I do not own Iron Man as a character.

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I need to make a tropes vs male sexism in sitcoms. Produce about 3 videos, make $200,000 and sit back and uncomfortably relax in this twisted sexist world.

I'd back you up with 5$

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I disagree with her videos, her opinion, I think she's trying too hard and over reacting. Also i bet she hasnt played all of the games she shows. I guess she reads a script that someone wrote. Last episode she said there werent any Zelda games where Zelda is the main character which aint true.

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Rainbow Six Vegas series



Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter


Castle Crashers

Alien Breed

Alien Swarm

Alien vs Predator - the 2010 one, the survival mode is cool

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine - Exterminatus mode

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Good bundle, wondering if i should get the weekly one aswell with Alan Wake

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GIF, jif sounds meh. I mean really, jif? JIF?

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VHS One or Philips CDI One

It really reminds me of a VHS player

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I watched it when it premiered, it was around 20:30 and there were only 7 other people with me in the cinema :D.

I liked the movie, every few minutes i was like "yup refrence, and another reference, yup, yup ".

The chick I was with liked a lot more, she ain't a fan of the franchise, her only other experiance with Star trek was the 2009 movie, and I had to explain lots of the stuff. I liked the first one aswell, I like the Star Trek TOS, TNG, liked Voyager not that big of a fan of DS9.

In my opinion they could've expanded a bit more on the super soldier bit and even woken one or two more from the frozen dudes.

Oh and the moment Peter Weller showed up on screen I knew who would be one of the baddies ;] He always plays baddies.

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Why did no one post wolves of the sea, the greatest eurovision song ever.

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Alestorm's cover is awesome, but gotta hand it to the original song it has a catchy tune and cool lyrics