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Good bundle, wondering if i should get the weekly one aswell with Alan Wake

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GIF, jif sounds meh. I mean really, jif? JIF?

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VHS One or Philips CDI One

It really reminds me of a VHS player

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I watched it when it premiered, it was around 20:30 and there were only 7 other people with me in the cinema :D.

I liked the movie, every few minutes i was like "yup refrence, and another reference, yup, yup ".

The chick I was with liked a lot more, she ain't a fan of the franchise, her only other experiance with Star trek was the 2009 movie, and I had to explain lots of the stuff. I liked the first one aswell, I like the Star Trek TOS, TNG, liked Voyager not that big of a fan of DS9.

In my opinion they could've expanded a bit more on the super soldier bit and even woken one or two more from the frozen dudes.

Oh and the moment Peter Weller showed up on screen I knew who would be one of the baddies ;] He always plays baddies.

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Why did no one post wolves of the sea, the greatest eurovision song ever.


Alestorm's cover is awesome, but gotta hand it to the original song it has a catchy tune and cool lyrics

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Lordi and that ukrainian chick Svetlana were probably the best thing to come out of Eurovision. Eurovision competirots are too tryhards. Trying to mix folk music of their country with modern music. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt ( mostly it doesnt). Most of the songs that go to Eurovision from my country Bulgaria, are garbage and I wonder how do they get picked at all.

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I'm from Bulgaria(Eastern Europe) and tipping ain't mandatory, you do it if you're happy with the service, if you ain't you dont tip and no one will say anything. And you tip usually in bars or restaurants.

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Firefly, Terra Nova, really liked where the first season was going, too bad it got cancelled. And as someone else said Stargate Universe needs to continue. Oh and one of my favorites Andromeda. But yeah Andromeda aint all that known.

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I asume they destroyed the armor and the arc reactor at the end cuz Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man contract was ending and someone said it's not even sure if he will be in The Avengers' sequel.