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What's happening with Vamp is that he's using a knife to pin down your shadow so you can't move. What you're supposed to do is shoot out the lights so you don't cast a shadow.

Yeah the other day when Dan and Drew talked about whether there was "magic" in Metal Gear, this was the one thing I thought of. "Pinning your shadow" is absolutely ridiculous BS.

Yeah, Vamp, in his entirety, is basically the low point of the entire MGS series. His powers are just so dumb and arbitrary.

Though Fortune is a close second place. She has one of the worst boss fights in the whole series. She barely has any dialogue until the very end of Arsenal Gear, and then they suddenly explain that Ocelot/The Patriots have just been fucking with her the whole time and she doesn't really make bullets curve away from her, except OH WAIT in her dying moments she suddenly deflects a bunch of missiles and bullets. She was magic all along! And the game never explains why. Honestly you could've cut Fortune's character from the game entirely and I feel like it barely would've affected anything.

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Question for you guys, where do you think Metal Gear Scanlon is headed? Will they play Portable Ops? Peace Walker? Revengeance? Ground zeroes and Phantom Pain? Just curious what you guys think. I don't think they'll do peace walker, but will do revengeance.

Realistically, I'll be shocked if they also play through both MGS3 and MGS4. Or I guess, those two are the most I could see them playing after MGS2. I feel like at some point Drew is going to bail out and say "I'll play the rest on my own time", just in the interest of making room for different types of premium content.

I think there is literally zero chance they will play Portables Ops, Peace Walker, Revengeance, or Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain for the site.

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The Vamp fight is just a bad boss fight. It's not fun or interesting, and there isn't even much to figure out. Vamp just takes a zillion hits for no good reason. And the fight location is completely boring.

Also, it's preposterous how much they write E.E. like she's a 14-year-old anime girl.

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Man, Dan really does not know how to break line of sight with a guard once he gets spotted.

Also, yeah, that Cook, Serve, Delicious music is really messing with me.

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@notnert427: Well, you said no one is ever dead in Metal Gear. That's not true at all, this isn't marvel comics, when people die, they die. With the exception of Vamp, I suppose. But yeah, the arm thing isn't really ressurection. I think the games are confusing and batshit crazy but the "who is dead" and "who isn't dead" isn't as big a thing as you're making it out to be.

You're giving the series too much credit. Most random boss fight characters (FOXHOUND, Dead Cell, etc.) stay dead, but plenty of main character have died and came back. Those are some of the biggest twists/WTF moments.

Vamp comes back from the dead. In more of a The Sixth Sense twist, the DARPA chief was dead all along. In a similar vein, during the final stinger for MGS2, you find out that the twelve men on the Wisemen's Committee were dead all along.

Liquid was probably going to come back from the dead through the arm until they retconned that in MGS4 (no way on Earth do I believe that the way it played out in MGS4 was Kojima's plan all along). Then there are characters that Kojima felt were too cool to just leave in the MSX games. Gray Fox absolutely died in Metal Gear 2, but Kojima retconned that he was just badly injured so he could use the character again in MGS2. And Big Boss absolutely should be dead, but Kojima retcons a way for him to be alive again in MGS4.

The games are confusing and batshit crazy, AND several crazy moments are about "who is/isn't dead".

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I was disappointed that they didn't try to go for the suppressor. Looked like a fun challenge.

And I think that Dan's apparent opinion that Fight Club is only for angsty teenagers is worse than thinking it's the best movie ever. It's like he's trying to act like he's now too good for the movie and it was never very good or meaningful.

That is what everyone feels obligated to do a few years after they've watched a movie that felt like it was trying to push a counterculture/nonmainstream message. I feel like the same thing happened to Garden State, partially because the indie music in it aged so quickly.

Fight Club and Garden State both have their merits, though they're about entirely different sorts of aimless 20-somethings.

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@humanity: Truly, they are history's greatest monsters.

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Everyone in this comments section referring to a Spectrum as a "Speccy": are you the same assholes who refer to Nintendo as "Ninty"?


Dan: "Is this fun?"

Jeff deflects the question instead of saying "No, not really."

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Title could be less creative; at least it's not called Bread Simulator.

Reminds me of a game called iFluid. Cool concept (basically this but with a drop of water that can't touch heat sources), but not actually fun at all. My tolerance for quirk has gone way down in the last few years.

Yeah, I got iFluid years and years ago in some indie bundle on Steam that was like 5 games for 10 dollars. And oh boy, is iFluid ever the definition of a student project. Like, it's some people flexing their abilities to make basic models of real world object and a reasonable approximation of accurate physics, but then absolutely no design sensibilities, so none of the levels are even remotely fun to play, and it's just equal parts frustrating and boring.

Definitely one of the worst Steam games I own.

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"Stop impersonating him" is actually referring to Big Boss. Solid Snake doesn't like that Solidus is acting/looking like their dad. The only reason I know this is because I remember Kojima himself correcting the ambiguity.

Dude you really should put spoiler tags on that, Drew hasn't played MGS3 yet so he does not know about Big Boss and the the origin of Solid, Liquid and Solidus.

I also don't see how Kojima had to correct any ambiguity there, people familiar with the MGS storyline should figure this out pretty easily after having played MGS3.

Raiden: So you are the boss around here?

Solidus: Not just around here, I'm the biggest boss there is!

Pliskin: Stop impersonating him!

Btw: I'd pay money for Drew lip syncing the MGS soundtracks :D

Man, what the fuck are you talking about? You can mention Big Boss to people who haven't played MGS3 yet. MGS1 establishes that Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are clones of Big Boss, and the stinger after the credits mentions Solidus being the third clone. People will already know what Big Boss looks like, since old Big Boss with the eye patch was seen in Metal Gear on the MSX, Metal Gear 2 MSX, and the manual of MGS1 had a picture of Big Boss. Those are literally the only pieces of information you needed to know at the time of MGS2 to understand why Solidus and his appearance are similar to Big Boss.