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@tikicobra said:

Austin's assertion that this film could explore "the difference between old-school and new games" seems really silly to me because even if this movie weren't trash, that's a completely pointless thing for a movie to try and explore.

It's not a major part of the film, but Wreck-It Ralph at least contrasted old games and new games against each other, with Ralph and his old arcade games sorta facing off against a new obvious-Halo-stand-in-but-it's-also-kinda-Call-of-Duty.

From the sounds of Pixels, all it has is one short, super pointless scene where Sandler's character doesn't really get the point of newer games, and all that establishes is that Sandler's character just completely stopped playing video games like 30 years ago for some arbitrary reason.

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Everyone in this game:

It's the best.

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@supercubedude said:

I really hope they do a lot of these. Any series that resembles the mythical "Jeff Gerstmann Hall of Fame" is aces.

Also, anything to make up for the part where in the past 12 months they have literally only done 4 Encyclopedia Bombasticas, unless you count the Old Games Show which they have filed under the "Encyclopedia Bombastica" page.

I need Alex to tell me about more old games that he likes from his apartment.

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@vichussmith: When you said "Kratos is definitely the definition of a Dan Rykert Cool Guy (TM)", I think what you meant was "Kratos is basically a professional wrestler." He has the appearance, the methods/signature moves, and the paper-thin singular motivation without any nuance that are all typical of a professional wrestler.

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As a Canadian, Brad's initial pronunciation of Canuck was adorable.

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@whalesex said:

I think a really big red flag that Dan R seems to ignore is the fact that he has broken up with every single girl he has ever dated. Moreover, the sheer number of women he seems to have dated in the last few years. While I understand that bouncing around is healthy to a certain extent, there's something definitely more to it then that. While it's unfair of me to judge, it just irks me that his self confidence leads him to believe he can just keep going like this.

I mean, he'd probably argue he just has a really good selection process and if they don't click on the first date he just doesn't call them back, but I do agree that it's insanely unlikely. I feel like by the time they're 30, just about every guy should've dated minimum 1 girl where after like 4-12 weeks the girl goes "Uhhhh, yeah, what if we were just friends."

Like, he's obviously experienced rejection since he's publicly talked about Nikki Glaser not going out with him, but it is kinda unlikely that he's batting 1000 on "being the one to end the relationship" this far into his life.

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@bread_harrity said:

You can tell that outside of his anxiety, Dan hasn't really had to deal with much hardship. I think it's great when a person can make it through life unscathed but I think his reaction to helping a significant other financially while they are struggling is a negative side effect of that. There is just a lack of empathy there that I can't understand.

Yeah, that part was cringey. It annoys me when I hear someone talk about how they are completely responsible for their fate, ignoring the massive collection of human effort that has come before them that allows them their existence. You are not an island Dan.

It never occurred to me until recently, but as much as Dan has I think said on the podcast that he doesn't really follow politics as anything more than a popularity contest ("I would totally vote Arnold Schwarzenegger for president"), Dan would make a pretty great libertarian. Or maybe he actually has political beliefs, but was just trolling everyone with the Arnold thing, I can never tell.

Anyway, everything about his "try your best and your dreams will come true, everyone who didn't succeed must have been a quitter, manage you own finances, you earned 'em so don't share 'em with anybody" attitude lines up really well with a lot of libertarian viewpoints.

But then Dan wouldn't be a libertarian because he's heard in the past that libertarians are some kind of assholes, so even though his personal beliefs would actually kinda fit that political leaning, his ability to make a snap judgment instead of personally judging something on his own would ultimately triumph.

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@polishhill said:

Pretty solid advice from Dan regarding retirement/investment. I won't add much since people should either do considerable research or pay to see a professional when they are investing but most of what he said is true. This graph is probably the simplest way of demonstrating what he mentioned about starting as soon as possible. Keep in mind these things are overly simplified and rely on a constant rate of return which isn't realistic but over very long time periods in the past have been around 10% or so.

I get the wisdom of that graph, but starting to invest $5000 a year at 25 isn't realistic for a lot of people. I mean, that whole segment kinda assumed that everyone involved was some kind of educated professional that can afford to cover the bills and then some, but honestly even for people who've finished college/university, by the time you're 25 you might still be in a fairly junior position at whatever employer, and struggling to pay rent and student loans. Setting aside over $400 every month to put into an investment might be something of a high figure at that age.

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@bill_mcneal said:

Slightly off topic, did he ever discuss his time in Mexico? I remember them briefly commenting on it in a podcast.

We don't talk about Dan's time in Mexico. It's like Gus Fring's past outside of that one scene in Mexico.

I still think it's kind of bullshit that they never explained why the Cartel was afraid to kill him. The Cartel thought it would have repercussions, so it seemed incredibly stupid that when Fring dies by someone else's hand, absolutely nothing happens in retaliation, even after like almost a year passes.

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@aegon: Yeah, Thomas' story checks out, but it sure sounds bad if you don't know the explanation.