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Wait, are you literally done all of the games you own on Steam and don't even know what to play next because your wishlist is also empty, or have you just purchased everything on your wishlist at present and are asking us to support your addiction of buying more games than you have time to play?

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@crithon said:

depends, some ladies like FPS games and some don't. I tend to not force that onto them even if the game is "you really have to see this, this isn't like those other games" type of excuse.

This is pretty much what I'm getting at. It helps to know what kind of games that OP's girlfriend wants to play in the first place. If she wants to play an FPS but is just having trouble with the controls and orienting herself, that's one thing. If she's not even into FPS games and it might be easier to get her to start with a Mario 3D platformer, that's something else.

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I mean, does she have any kind of starting point? Like, anything she played when she was younger that she was OK at? Or is she just across the board terrible?

Also, does she have a preference on amount of story? Is she more into games that are mostly just gameplay mechanics with almost no story (Mario games), or games with buttloads of story and pretty young men with fancy haircuts (JRPGs)?

For what it's worth, I think the Mario games take it pretty easy these days (Nintendo seems to intentionally keep the difficulty relatively low, so that newcomers to the series can play the games). The enemies are pretty passive or easy to run past. You have to wall jump a handful of times, but it's usually pretty obvious because they put two walls super close to each other.

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Man, I really want Mewgenics to come out.

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@blazele said:

so whats going on? is there a live stream going on right now or what?? im not seeing anything.

9PM Pacific time, so it starts in ~3 hours.

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@milkman said:

Unrelated but it looks like Jeff, Brad, and Alex finally made the SJW list. Congrats, you guys.

Yeah, that's casting a much wider net on Giant Bomb than I would've expected, given who they usually direct all the haterade towards (rhymes with Natrick).

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I've heard Alexander talk about this line of thought before about gaming changing, but man, I think she's out of her mind. All the diversification of games is great and all, but it's super fringe, while big budget, mass appeal games are still the bread and butter of what drives the industry. It's exactly the same way that summer blockbusters and dumb comedies and whatever do incredible box office sales at movie theatres, but the smaller indie films or dramas mostly get attention at film fests and awards time, but the average person isn't all that aware of them and they aren't huge money makers.

Gaming is still commercial as fuck, so whenever I hear Alexander talking about some new era of gaming where Gone Home is the norm, it's just nonstop eye rolling from yours truly.

"It’s clear that most of the people who drove those revenues in the past have grown up -- either out of games, or into more fertile spaces, where small and diverse titles can flourish, where communities can quickly spring up around creativity, self-expression and mutual support, rather than consumerism." She says that those things are clear, but that only seems obvious in some kind of game critic fantasy land that is nothing like the reality the rest of us live in.

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@somberowl: Really? That's the angle you're going with?

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The GB staff has been pretty shit at playing story DLC lately in general. How many of them played Burial at Sea aside from Patrick? Sure, they're playing the Infamous DLC, but I feel like they've skipped a fair amount of DLC in the past year or so.

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Between this and the completely unprovoked DDoS attacks on various gaming networks, it bums me out that the teenage punks of the world who want to just waste people's time for their own amusement have finally found a handful of loopholes on the Internet that allow them to A) see the results of their actions, and B) mask their identity well enough that they may not get in any trouble.