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I didn't forget, I just remember that aside from having good music, Transistor has numerous flaws.

The art is nice, but the enemy designs feel really samey and boring due to the shared colour palette. Even though you supposedly travel all over Cloudbank, I had trouble remembering or caring what district I was in because they didn't feel very distinct, and all just felt like generic urban environments. Contrast that to Bastion, where there were three main areas (the City, the Wilds, the Terminals, I believe), each with different enemy sets, and quite distinct looks to each area. I did really like the character art on all of the Function people whose bios you can read. I look forward to the day when Supergiant has the budget to tell a story that could actually involve that sort of diverse cast of characters.

The customisability of the Functions was nice, but the gameplay was ultimately kind of irritating? Aside from one or two keepaway enemies that fire at you while running away (Snapshot with the photos, Clucker with the artillery), every enemy just bum rushes you and is faster than you. Red just feels sluggish compared to how nimble the Kid was, since he had a roll by default. You can use Jaunt as a primary function, but it's clearly a poor choice since you're sacrificing an entire slot for it, there's HUGE delay each time it finishes, and all of the secondaries on Jaunt are like "add 5 damage, isn't that great!". So you're stuck with this character who is the antithesis of mobile. The arenas of Bastion were genuinely fun because they had an almost Geometry Wars amount of you leading enemies around while you backed away and shot them, and if there were fast enemies, you had more mobility to get away from them, and also a block button. The arenas in Transistors are just bland and forgettable, and don't have the narrator there to fill the time in between waves with interesting backstory. Also, the part where Turn isn't instantaneous, so sometimes what it says is going to happen doesn't because you knock back an enemy slightly, or it moves ever so slightly, which is just shitty design. Also losing functions when your lifebar runs out is just a poor design decision that is never fun. If you take early damage in the Cybil or Spine fight, just fucking reset, you're screwed. Also, the functions just lack the personality that the weapons in Bastion had, where each one was taken from one of the various guilds in the game's world. The Functions, while cleverly named, are all just kinda bland energy arrows/balls/blasts for the most part.

The story is told obtusely, and then when you find out what happened, it didn't blow my mind or anything. Even when you find out what led to everything that happened, it's not that interesting because they've been so cagey about the nature of the world that I don't know the significance of some basic facts. Can people just leave Cloudbank since everything is so fucked there, or is leaving the city certain death? Who knows! The game sure as fuck never tells you. It's hard to care about the protagonists when Red is a cipher who you barely learn about through her comments on some news bulletins. Mystery boyfriend has more lines, but is just a generic "mysterious roguish type who is kinda sarcastic". And yeah, the totality of the plot is just kinda meh: the Camerata fucked up and somehow mystery boyfriend briefly had control of the Transistor when it impaled him, so apparently he could teleport himself and Red away from the Empty Set, and then I guess the Process immediately lost their shit and started wiping everything instead of them just becoming under the command of Red, because I dunno, REASONS. I feel like the powers of the Transistor and the Process are explained incredibly poorly, and there are unexplained plot holes/plot threads that are just handwaved away with "I dunno, the Transistor/Process can do whatever, and we don't know the full extent of their powers". The Camerata and their goals were kind of interesting, but the actual events of the story are their plan fucked up, then it destroyed the city, then Red kills herself because I guess she loved mystery boyfriend a lot, not that we know fucking anything about either of them. It's worse than Bastion's story in so many ways. I don't care about the world, and I don't care about the characters. I wish that weren't the case.

Overall it's not a bad game, but I don't feel like all of Transistor is just a lateral move that can't be compared to Bastion because it's "such a different game". I feel perfectly valid in comparing them, and I think Transistor comes up short in most of those comparisons. I had really high hopes for Transistor; not for it to be the same as Bastion, but for it to be as good as Bastion. Supergiant executed on the design and story ideas in Transistor as well as could be expected, but the problem is that several of those ideas are just fundamentally not interesting or awkward in a way that made me not even come close to considering this one of my favourite games of the year. I repeat, it's not a bad game, but it pales in comparison to Supergiant's past work. So for me it was a disappointment, and I wouldn't put it near the top of my games of the year.

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Is anybody else disappointed by the garbage they've been putting in the Flash sales (every 12 hours) and the Community Choice (every 24 hours)? I feel like the only good games I've seen go on sale have been in the major Daily Deals.

Like, oh shit, R.U.S.E., RAGE, or Cities in Motion 2, how will I ever decide between those hot bangers? /sarcasm

I was hoping they'd put some more niche indie games in the flash sales, like Gods Will Be Watching, The Fall, that sort of thing. Putting in 3-4-year-old console games like R.U.S.E., RAGE, and Bulletstorm isn't really what I'm looking for.

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Do a bunch of things ever go on sale in the Dota 2 shop for the holiday sale? Or is that a negative, because Dota 2 gotta get that papah?

They've had the daily deals for ages, and I seem to remember something happening last year, but that may have been the introduction of these daily deals. We had a chest sale during summer sale I think, all the older chests were like 29p each.

Yeah, I did some googling, and it sounds like there may have been a bunch of store-wide discounts last year for Frostivus, but since there's no real holiday event this December, there isn't any big sale.

Is there a website where you can tell it what items you want to buy on sale, and it'll email you when they're the daily deal? Because there are only a couple of things I want, but I don't log into Dota every day to check.

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Do a bunch of things ever go on sale in the Dota 2 shop for the holiday sale? Or is that a negative, because Dota 2 gotta get that papah?

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I know a certain @branthog does, judging by his Steam activity.

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Is the Arkham Origins DLC any good? Oddly there is no GotY edition (which I thought Warner released regardless of whether the game wins any GotY awards or not, since how many people seriously gave Arkham City GotY?), so I'm weighing whether any of the DLC is worth getting. The only major DLC seems to be a Mr. Freeze bonus mini-campaign or something? The rest sounds like dumb skins, or combat arenas, or multiplayer stuff.

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@discomposure: It varies. They'll rarely feature a collection/bundle on the front page, but usually if they feature a newer game (for example, Saints Row 4), the discount on it will apply on all the older games in the series (individual Saints Row 2 and 3 will probably have the same discount, and so will a Saints Row bundle).

For example, right now, Dead Space 2 is featured on the front page as 75% off, but Dead Space 1 and a Dead Space bundle (games 1 and 2) are also 75% off.

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Yeah, the Reddit post that ThunderSlash has explains it in pretty full detail. But in short, you're still able to trade to local countries without restriction, even in places like Russia. The only restriction is if you're somewhere where the dollar is super weak (Russia, for example), you can't trade to countries very far away that have a much stronger dollar.

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I stand by my decision to skip the later 2 movies after seeing how much they padded out the first Hobbit movie. Like, Jesus Christ, I know they added a bunch of Gandalf shit from the appendices of LotR, but even for the parts of the story actually from the Hobbit, they somehow turned like 100 pages of a novel into a fucking 3 hour movie.

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Do a bunch of things ever go on sale in the Dota 2 shop for the holiday sale? Or is that a negative, because Dota 2 gotta get that papah?