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Where is it.

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A lot of male protagonist characters just look boring.

Also, games need to add a robot option.

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This is the only community i've ever been a part of where a guy asks for some friends and then


70 people reply in a day. You guys are fucking kick ass.

Giant Bomb Friend Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

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Had some problems with Amalur but the art was pretty great, some really good world building in that game.

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@thatpinguino: Didn't know they put 8 out on Steam, looks like a good version. Might have to give it a whack.

I was wondering because I really want to replay FF9, but the transition times kill me and I think they're hard coded, so a more powerful system wouldn't do anything to help them.

Maybe they'll put FF9 out on Steam (tweaked), but... somehow I doubt it.

Nice vids btw.

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Are you playing this on console or using an emulator?

The transitions into battle/between screens is pretty fast!

I remember trying to replay FF9 on PS3 and every battle had a long load in time.

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Gog's current sale is pretty decent.

But it cannot compete to the coming storm.

I just hope there's more to the meta than just trading cards.