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Didn't Gary Whitta become a legit SWG Jedi? I seem to remember a PC Gamer article about it.

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Really enjoying my time with HotS. I mostly play Zagara, Jaina, Azmodan, Anub, and Lili.

I used to play Nova... but she kind of got nerfed into the ground.

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Taken slightly out of context but...

"Metal Gear: I don't think it's that crazy."

Bombcast 03/10/2015

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I am kind of into this...

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Never got through enough of the story to see the larger picture/plot, but this has me interested. I always liked the interaction between the characters and their personal plots.

I really want to go back through IX.

I think I'll just have to second screen it to get through the constant battles and their long transition times.

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Honestly I'm surprised with how much it got RIGHT. I kinda wish they would hammer on the point that this is more mental illness then a direct result of playing video games. And the idea that these guys are trying to "recreate the game" is laughable.

But shit... the language they used? "slut, SJW, politically correct" I think they nailed that part. I just wished they went into what causes this behavior a little bit more, it's nowhere as simple as "just video games."

I mean, sure, I'm pretty positive no one has been kidnapped and then raped live on twitch. But if you don't think some of these real life women are getting threats like this on a constant basis, then you are f-ing kidding yourself.

That would require us to possibly feel bad about something that may involve something we like or enjoy tangentially. Which to gamers is like pulling teeth.

I used to be right there denying the effect media had on us. The point that I don't think is clear, the part that doesn't come across right, is that it is NOT the unreal fantasy elements of media (be it games, movies, tv-shows) that have the greatest effect on us. It's those elements that more closely resemble our real life that start to mess with our perceptions. It's the human characters, the dynamics between them and their relationships that SUBTLY can color our perceptions.

No one is saying you are going to shoot a fake video game gun and then not be able to tell the difference between killing a real person and a character on a video game. No one is saying you are going to hadoken Chun Li and then you won't be able to stop punching women in real life.

But if you see movie after movie and game after game where the man is the one who is always taking charge and saving the day. And the women are always helpless and cannot defend themselves, then maybe that starts to color your perception. How many new fictional characters are we exposed to versus how many real life people and situations? I absolutely think it has a real effect.

Look at high school. Why are football players popular? Why? Why do some students look up to them? Why do some resent them? Why do some want to be them? In no small part, I think it's because that in the 14 years leading up into high school, we are bombarded with media that shows how cool football players are. We see countless movies and tv shows that show football players as the top of the social order. We are exposed to the NFL, to the Super Bowl and see how those men are celebrated. And as freshmen, since we have not experienced high school before, we enter with those preconceived notions. But is art intimating reality? Or is reality imitating art? We know media is not real. We know it's just a caricature. But I think it's hard to figure out exactly how much of it is fake, especially the younger you are. Part of it looks close enough to reality, or even to our perception of reality, that we accept it. Maybe we accept it by inches, a little more each time we are exposed. I absolutely think it has a real effect.

I know this has gotten ramble-y and rant-y, but I really think it is worth exploring the effect media has on us. Just ask yourself this, how many non-gamers are going to watch this episode of SVU and think this is exactly what gamers are like? Even though they know SVU is a TV show? It ain't zero.

I think there's really something to how games as media specifically affect consumer/player perceptions.

The direct control and the reaction to every player action is extremely important in how different games are to other forms of entertainment, like books or movies. Every action a player takes is catered to with direct feedback by the world and its characters. The more direct immersion of games is compounded by the popularity of generic protagonists (or customizeable protagonists) that actively invite a player to picture themselves as that character. It's kind of like a constant ego stroke, as the game has to constantly realign around the player.

Not every person who plays games has a problem distinguishing reality from fiction, but some do. And if someone grows up saturated in media that is constantly working to align to their every action, taking that experience and applying it to life seems like it would be unhealthy.

Certainly there are a wide variety of games (many of which do not have generic protagonists, many of which more actively antagonize), but how people interact with media is important, and games are unique in the level of control they offer those who interact with them.

And I agree that perceptions of social norms creep subtly and easily in from all forms of media.

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I only like the white ones.

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Well that sounds awful.

The servers have been up and down, and there's that weird countdown so I haven't been able to play Year Beast yet.

Only recently got back in to regular Dota and my main gripe is people who pick hard support and then don't ward AT ALL.

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No thanks.

I don't like Ubisoft games much anyway.

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Looks great, takes forever to get into a game (load times and setup times), and chasing the monster for 5-10 minutes isn't particularly fun.